My Vacation

She wanted me in Clearwater, fact is she kinda commanded me
Spend a few days getting reacquainted, then over to Tampa is what she demanded me
I took my time driving down, reminiscing of past times
It was just as she said, "you were always on my mind"

Totally lost in thought, GPS says, "you've arrived at your destination"
This motherfucking GPS has no idea of what is the ultimate destination
Hugs and kisses were exchanged, as lies were told
"It seems you haven't changed a bit," "when will you get old"

The first night was so right that we feel asleep cuddled on the couch
I listened to her trials and tribulations, also of what she was about
She'd had her moment in the sun, hell she'd tried this and that
But her pain was just to fucking deep and reality always came back

I pulled her close to me, allowed her to feel the love and strength freely given
She went even deeper into her pain telling me of the lives that she had given
Through bad decisions it seemed the first one was made
Be he was an abuser and with a deadly blow a life was weighted

The next one in line totally fucked up her mind
She carried him nine months, add another month and he ran out of time
Call it crib death, fucking say what you will
But a momma loosing a child is looking for someone to kill

Something physical, something made out of flesh
They need a satisfying revenge and wont accept anything less
As I said she fell asleep right there in my arms crying on the couch
She invited me because she knew that I'ld listen to every word exiting her mouth

We slept a little, had a little breakfast, and then we discussed me
She kissed me upon the lips and said that I wouldn't change in a century
Our tickets were confirmed, there was a game over in Tampa
Neither was my team but I was still determined to slam her

We are competitive like that, so I chose the opposing team
No bets are made because either way it going to involve cream
I came away with a win, drove back and we ate take out while sitting on the floor
Over drinks reminisce on youthful pranks, moved over to the couch and cuddled some more

We quickly heated up and decided to move everything to the bedroom
For the next three days we barely left that bedroom
Feeding more off of each other's body than the food that was delivered
When I first arrived she released a stream, but in the bedroom she released a river

She cried, talk, and made love, until I decided it was time for me to leave
She didn't want me to go, but thanked me for helping her to grieve
We agreed she have tickets waiting anytime she wanted to visit me
She sat me down before I left and with her mouth made sweet and slow love to me

I rolled up into St. Augustine and visited with family and friends
It turned into a R&R party that didn't know how to end
I took a bottle of crown their and they gave me two to take home
I gave them the rest of my stash before I left for home

Stopped at one house and picked up a vehicle that I needed to tow to the next
Got everything hooked up and back on the road, then discovered that she had sent a text
"Your visit pulled me from a dark place, I really don't think that I would had seen the New Year
I look forward to next year, if I can't visit you, could you please come here"

I thought on it for a bit and decided that, yes this was a great vacation
But I didn't want to answer to quickly and screw up our relation
A year is a long time and I don't know what or who will be in my heart and mind
But she, she's my friend, and for her I'll always make time
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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