The world of Lockdown

Welcome to the world of Lockdown
No international travel, fuel is rationed
No globalization, only trade in one nation
Spy on thy neighbor, it's a type of control
Breed suspicion and force conformity to all
Only the elite and military jets in the air
No cars when they used to be everywhere
Check points, curfew, video surveillance
Following the official government stance
Global warming is real yet still was a "lie"
Extreme heat, storms and seas on the rise
World of Lockdown, religious segregation
Foreign beliefs deserve degradation
Intolerance, nationalist bigamy, mistrust
No empathy, superiority over the unjust
Masses of screens constantly flashing
Frivolity, propaganda, and things in fashion
Steel fences, walls surround each boarder
Guns, bombs, rockets awaiting the order
Many countries already in perpetual war
For last drips of oil or lost land to restore
World of Lockdown, resources declining
Over population, pollution, coal mining
Winds are arid, encroaching desert waste
Wildfires are raging across many states
No more Amazon, world's lungs are gone
Earth is wheezing, coughing, staggering on
cheaper meat so more intensive farming
Depleting the ozone with methane farting
Plastic fibers, microscopically small
in all living bloodstreams infesting us all
Chemical poison seeping deep into soil mutating life like a cancerous boil
World of Lockdown, what have we done?
History of civilization, what have we won?
This is the world of ecological breakdown,
Backdrop to every village, city or town
Helping to forge a now and future attitude;
Us verses them and who's religion is true  
Perpetrated by the corrupt powerful few
To manipulate, force and dominant you
Welcome to the world of Lockdown
Written by Jezkeebs
Published | Edited 30th Dec 2019
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