Feeling Myself

What is there when your energy isn't positive or negative
When your universe doesn't recognize you and there is no take or give
Do you exist in limbo, trapped in the rift
Or do you join the multiverse and open doorways within it's midst

To have seen the things that I have, can boggle the mind
Totally destroying astrophysics, Einstein and the laws of Newton's design
The many worlds where humans aren't the supreme beings
You would be surprised by the peace that I've seen

Reptilians at peace with reptilians, but acknowledging all other species
Dung beetles spitting astronomy, although they eat feces
The dinosaurs never left as most people might think
The decline in vegetation, turn them into smaller lizards, less food and shit shrink

How could the lizards of today display so many of the dinosaurs characteristics
Haha scholars are getting paid, but hiding the real statics
I stepped from the shadows with the travel of many fowls entering my mind
An eagle carried me upon her wings destined for an astrological sign

We clashed with riders upon dragons, griffins with talons out and wings pulled back
Minds totally focused, wands ready to attack
Magic of olden times ready to be unleashed
This magic comes from when all was dark, before the sun rose in the east

My eagle was anxious and I was at one with my beast
We both looked upon our adversaries as the ultimate feast
The darkness glowed with all of the magical energy being released
But believe it or not, in the middle of all this chaos, I finally found peace    
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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