Mind Freak

She was the daughter of a mambo, who was also the daughter of a mambo
She had been taught the twin gods of Petro and also of Congo
Born with the gift, she could reach out and touch other's minds
Her grandfather had been a bokor, that taught her the evil signs

She walked in between the rows, because of her gift
She could tear through mental barriers, and move back and forth through the rift
While out and about in public, she liked to test the limits of her skills
Entering and exiting minds at will became her drill
Why was this person happy and why was this one sad
Who was having good thoughts and who was thinking of being bad
But one day on the train while playing her little game
She met the one mind that made everything change

She had never thought what she was doing was an invasion
She was just entering minds that didn't need any persuasion
She knew everyone's fetish and who was cheating on who
She knew the ones that lusted after her and what they wanted to do

But there was one, he always sat on the same seat on the train
He always looked out of that same window and his position never changed
His mind always eluded her search and she found that strange
It was as though he knew she was searching and he turned it into a game

Today he was moving slower, just out of her reach
It was a game of cat and mouse, and the mouse wanted to teach
As she chased his mind here and there, a beautiful calmness filled her head
Imagining the lights all green, although they were all red

She chased him into a blind alley in his mind, thinking that she had him trapped
But before she knew it reality snapped
He was never the mouse, he was actually the cat
And it was never him, but her that was lead into a trap

As he looked out of his window, she felt the temperature drop to below freezing
She felt sharp finger nails in her mind, but some how knew that he was only teasing
A darkness came over as she was sinking into this mental slime
All thoughts disappeared as she lost track of time

Claws and fangs tore at her from out of the darkness
The sound and pain cycled through her with a profound sharpness
She heard herself screaming, "who are you," while bobbing in this warped reality
In the distance, rolling in on the waves, she heard, "IIII ISISISIS MEMEMEME"      
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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