Dear Dad....

Dear Dad....
You've always been there for me,
Always loved, cared for, and supported me,
Always wanted to see, and encouraged my personal growth,
You've gone above and beyond your oath
To be the best father in the world,
Teaching me about the world, that before me, has part by part, unfurled.
You've taught me right from wrong,
You've taught me to be strong
(Physically, emotionally, and mentally)
And (though I'm still learning) to be orderly,
You've taught me how to learn, different mediums for expressing my creativity, 3D modelling, car repair and maintenance,
Kindness, respect, manners, cooking, patience,
Science, math, history and esoteric facts, appreciation for classical music and art, and much more.
You'll always love me, you do assure,
(You've really set the bar way too high for my future spouse)
(Well, if I ever have a future spouse)
But I wonder how you'll worry if I told you who I really am inside,
I really can no longer hide,
I know you don't know much about this realm,
But it is my life, and I am at the helm.
For when you read this,
I must tell you this,
I feel vulnerable, telling you this, and hope you can accept this...
I am not exactly cisgender, and I've been thinking intently for a long time,
Deeply researching the web, books, and my feelings the whole time,
After this Christmas and the few upcoming birthdays, I will be saving my money,
And looking for a surgeon who will help me to be fully happy.
I want to be female and male, both.
I must also say, I like both binary genders,
I am bisexual, I like thoes who identify as either male/masculine or female/feminine (or sometimes both genders).
This will not change how we interact,
My personality will still be intact.
I am still the same person, I still treat people and animals with kindness, still like steampunk, and point-and-click adventure games,  
I still like coffee, cheese, giving presents, science, hidden picture games, and video games,
I still like Minecraft, Borderlands, rave, disco, and neon lights, nature and spirituality, drawing and making jewelry,
I hope to unravel the mystery,
And explain any questions you may have for me,
And I know that you will still accept me,
But I worry that you will worry for me
(Although, I hope it's not anymore than you already do. :)
Written by Orc_Pirate_68 (Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell)
Published | Edited 7th Mar 2020
Author's Note
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