God Plays With LOADED DICE

Einstein claimed "God doesn't play dice with the universe."
But I say God DOES play dice but its loaded dice.  
IOW, God uses CHANCE to work evolution, but its chance ENDOWED by God - like dice that have been "endowed" or enabled, enhanced - "loaded."  
In Gen. 1.20,24 God commands "the waters..the earth" to create ("bring forth") life forms - the ORIGINAL, earliest species !!  
This can mean God endowed or blessed these forms of NATURE ("the waters..the earth") with divine power that they would not otherwise have possessed.
And on top of that, God commanded Nature to produce "abundant" lifeforms - SPECIATION !! How??  
Well, the only process or mechanism given in verses 20 and 24 is what??!!
 Only reproduction "according to kind."  
 IOW, speciation is a byproduct of reproduction "according to kind."
 This is a GIFT.  
For reproduction "according to kind" in itself is NOT able to create new species.  
God's GRACE is being described here in Gen.1.20,24.  
God has gifted the earliest species with the borrowed power to produce NEW species !!  
This = Evolution, so evolution is an example of the GRACE of God !!  
For grace = the gift of God, and gifting NATURE is what Gen.1.20,24 says God did !!  
He gave nature the power to "bring forth" the first lifeforms. And later lifeforms !!  
So it is NOT pure CHANCE by itself that is at work here.
 Rather it is Chance as God's tool.
 LSS, only THEISTIC evolution, NOT naturalistic evolution can account for the enormous amount of speciation that has occurred over the last 3.8 billion years.  
Mainly within just the last 600 million years.

PS: "loaded dice" - why does it have to be loaded ??!! Well, some things are just so totally improbable that only by God controlling Chance, putting His thumb on the scale, so to speak,
can God speed up the process of evolution. A good example of God mastering probability is found in the story about Christ paying taxes.
He tells Peter to go fishing.
Look in the mouth of the first fish you catch,
And you will find a piece of money, Jesus said.
Ordinarily, a fish swallowing a coin - you'd have to catch a thousand fish before you'd find a coin, I'm sure.
So by Christ arranging for Peter to find the money in the mouth of the very first fish - this is Christ completely overruling the law of probability, of course.
This shows His power - the same power He used to endow NATURE ("the waters") with the ability to miraculously "bring forth the moving creature that has life"(Genesis 1.20,24).
Written by joegracegrace (Joe Grace)
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