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Boots Cuts

(The Mathematics of Rhythm and Rhyme)

(4) One, two, three, four,
(8) Makes your foot tap to quarter notes, † † † † † † †
(8) One and two and three and four and,
(8) Eighth notes are just double the strokes.
(8) What you see in parentheses?
(8) Thatís my silly syllable count,
(8) Each line can read like an eighth note,
(8) Simple math for these bars to mount.

(16)One e and a two e and a three e and a four e and a,
(8) Sixteenth notes are a drummers dream,
(8) And if youíre rapping to the beat,
(8) Spit Ďem out fast to fit the scheme. † † †

To keep it simple - stick to eight,
Unless you want to drop heavy mad bars and unleash all sixteen,
Take it slow, I suggest you wait,
Unless you got fire to spread ready to spray like a machine.  † † †

Boots. Cuts. Boots. Cuts. † † †
A simple beat of bass and snare,
Boots. Cuts. Boots. Cuts.
Youíll hear it and become aware.

Boots. Cuts. Boots. Cuts.
Wanna be a human beatbox?
Boots. Cuts. Boots. Cuts.
I say it loud counting and clowning walking down for many blocks.

Check it out Iíll whip it out Iím exposing my tricks of the trade,
Flaunt a little rhyme in the middle of each line in a parade,
Rhythms are numbers to play with I just have to keep up the counts,
If they suck like Dracula then Iím fucked but Iíll be ready to pounce.

See Iím an addict to the mathematics of rhythm and rhyme,
I divvy up and allocate the verse served with reverb and prime,
And if the math doesnít really quite add up then letís not forget
I live for my double entendres to get Ďem all heard and whet.

Put them together and you should have been counting boots cuts all along,
Combine them and you have a song,
I switch up because math rhythm and rhyme together make sense,
These are the basic rudiments.
Author's Note
For the Magical Mathematics comp
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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