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Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill hiked up the hill
To see the mountain view
Jill wore tights and t-shirt
To show Jack something new

Jill wore nothing underneath
Her nipples were on show
Between her tight and shapely thighs
Was an attractive camel toe

Her t-shirt trimmed up to her ribs
Flat stomach was just right
When she reached up high to steady
Her bare breasts appeared in sight

Being quite the gentleman,
Jack let Jill lead the way
To set the pace at her own speed,
Looking up would make his day

If she fell, he'd be there
To stop her from the slips
To catch her in his waiting arms
Place his hands upon her hips

As the slope grew ever steeper
Ever slicker was the grass
To advance at all, with any speed,
Jack pushed on Jill's fine ass

Jill reached up, with hands on ground
To help her climb the slope
Her ample breasts were showing
Jack's string turned into rope

Jack was wearing cut-off sweats
His dick was peeking out
Jill slipped down and turned around
Slipped under Jack, to tout,

“Stop me I am falling
I am sliding on the ground
There is a limb above me
So long and hard and round”

Jill reached up with her left hand
And followed with her right
She was holding on with both of them
You would not believe the sight

Jack then reached down to stop her
Before she hurt his manly pride
He put a hand between her legs
To stop her downward slide

His fingers felt her vulva
They rubbed against her clit
Her slide was stopped but she was not
Jill rubbed Jack's cock a bit

When Jill had slipped, her shirt rode up
Her breasts exposed and bare
They were so fine, Jack had to dine
And tasted of the fare

He kissed the left and kissed the right
Jill's nipples up and rigid
Jill was helping get Jack off
Was anything but frigid

Jack moved his hand, inside her tights,
To find no underwear.
His fingers slid into her slot
To get her wetter there

The heat was building rapidly
Jill getting joy from Jack
To keep Jill from the cold hard ground
Jack rolled upon his back

Was no lack of understanding,
Jill stripped her ass down bare
Removed Jack's cut-off shorts from him
To accept his wordless dare

Jill straddled on Jack's hips with hers
She lowered on his dick
She moved herself erotically
Her pussy wet and slick

Jack dug into the hillside
With the bare heels of his feet
To keep from sliding down the slope
With Jill riding on his meat

Gravity was working
Jack's ass pinned to the ground
Jill was doing all the work
Newton's law was still around

Jack felt Jill getting hotter
Her orgasm came about
Her pussy tightened on him
And she began to shout

“Oh my God, I'm cumming”
Jill was calling to the trees
Jack's cock then spewed an answer
Jill knew Jack was not a tease

Jill squeezed even tighter
Choked Jack's chicken with her twat
Jack knew Jill knew kegeling
And had practiced it a lot

Jill was sliding up and down
And milking every drop
They both were celebrating
That they had managed, there, to stop

Jack's balls were wet and dripping
From the mixture of their flow
Must rest a bit to hike back down
To make it up, would need a tow
Written by eightmore
Author's Note
Having fun with sex is fun...enjoy!
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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