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"Something's bugging me"

  It's midnight on the dot, as I'm hiding in the same spot
     With them hunting for me carefully, hoping if I'm careful I won't get caught
     Feeling myself panicking into shock!
     I suddenly snap back, wait!
     Is it just me or did I hear an additional one creep over the back gate?
     "Well ain't this great! Fuck my life!"
     Strapped only with brass balls, clutching a kitchen knife
     They're like something out of a nightmare I thought
     God if I am dreaming I'm screaming "Lord come make this nightmare stop!!"
     Listening to them stomp, me up against the wall propped
     Ready to chop
     "Turn the corner, you cut throat creature. I'll teach you how to drop!"
     With it having no time to protect, I expect it only took a sec, to dissect the giant alien insect, with my blade that made a direct straight connect, wrecking right into then through it's neck
     Going in for the kill! Still stabbing at em!
     Making me feel a chill as cold steel flew goo from it's disconnected abdomen
     Watching the pest chest and skull crack due to the fall, it shrieked a signal, a call to the other side of the wall
     Heads up quick!
     All I seen were trails of debris off busted up brick, so they set me up.
     Crashing  down came a stinger from another, it's tail hitting my knee ripping up my hip
     Knowing now it's only a matter of time until the venom violates these veins, oozing deep into my mind
     Hold up, recess if you think your going to infest my business with a hordes nest for a bunch of little parasites like you to digest
     I start to run, it follows
     I'm trying to man up, one day your here and gone tomorrow
     Seems like the best time to do it, "Screw it!"
     Couldn't find gasoline, only lighter fluid pouring it all over my body yelling "Let's do this!"
     There's no fight when it snatched my head, pumping eggs into both eyes
     I whisper "Goodnight bitch" twitching inside my pocket for the light
     Grip the Bic. The two of us ignite
     Howling together like coyote under the blood moon light
Written by StruggleFreePotery (StruggleFreePoetry)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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