Whatcha Do

What the fuck you wanna do Babyboy, a whatcha do
What the fuck you wanna do Babyboy, a whatcha do
You wanna be like me Babyboy
Haha you wanna be like me Babyboy
You wanna sleep in late, wake up and get twist
Haha no Babyboy, you can't get like this
Room smoked out, my boo banging me again
I mean I'm not fucking bragging but my boo is a fucking ten
Taking me in to her mouth while I take my time and roll
As I take toke after toke, she takes and deep throat my pole
Everything shined, head glowing like my fucking blunt
A fucking piece of steel is what my boo really fucking wants
My boo doesn't want in on this one, I'm taking it straight to the head
She never fucking get twisted while she's working in bed  
Psyching her man up, she's gotta get me ready for the game
My boo wants those Gucci boots with diamond ear rings and a matching chain  
As she mounts my obelisk, bouncing and swing like Queen Kong
The Empire state is headed for an empire fate the way that she's riding my dong
Squeezing her muscle on the descend, after dripping around the tip
She reversed that shit on me so that I could see myself sliding through her lips
My Boo know that I like the whole show so she goes all in
She lean forward with her hands on my knees bouncing her ass again and again
Dropping down lower til both elbows are on the mattress
Flashing both holes, asking if I want to attack this
Stunted, Blunted, and now confronted
How am I going to say that I don't want it
Still pushing steel, but the tongue is the next thing that she feel
As I licked and sucked from her back to her clit, then rewound the reel
A little aggressive with the lips as I worked that clit
I hate to admit it but I may have been thinking of another hit
Drop a glob in my palm and lubricated my knob
Shit so motherfucking hard it's starting to throb
Little by little we worked our way up and into a frenzy
I mean when I feed a pussy I feed it good, not like Mickey D's or fucking Wendy's
Everytime we move I like that reaction, that little something that says that the right fucking action
And when we're finish covered in cream and cum, I think of my Boo as doing orgasmic subtraction
But it's not time to sleep Babyboy, now it time to clock in,  
Whatever the fuck is your job Babyboy it's time to fucking clock in
if you can't get like this, then you can't get like me, so it don't matter whatcha want
If you can't do like I do, it don't matter whatcha do, or whatcha don't
Written by I_IS_ME
Published | Edited 3rd Dec 2019
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