Alone with Oneself

The stranger awakens and it’s dark and stuffy,
the body is fastened to pain,
and he breathes heavy smell
of his, his own blood.

The stranger twitches, but his head touch’s
a corner.
He tries to grope with hands,
but they are stuck at one another.
He tries to kick,
but legs are stuck at one another.

The stranger shivers,
his heart fastens.
He starts shaking, then twisting,
but he hits a
corner everywhere.

The stranger’s breathing faster.
And he twists.
The heart is to explode.
And he twists.
He screams.
And he twists,
and he hits the corners.

But with all his strength he couldn’t last for long,
and down the stranger breaks.
It all hurts,
with pain sharp and dull
and his voice is weak.
And now he realizes,
he knows why he’s here,
and knows no one’s gonna hear him.

It’s hard to breathe.
He loosens up.
Now it doesn’t hurt…

But can he fall asleep,
he wants to fall asleep
and feel nothing,
but this anger, this grudge,
keep him awake.
And finally he chose them.

And the stranger starts
twisting and screaming yet again,
two, three, five times
stronger, louder than before.
He frees his hands and legs,
he starts to punch and kick,
and at last he breaks this

The stranger crawls out,
in the middle of the wasteland,
where rain is falling now.

And finally he’s out,
the bandages fall off,
to show the ulcered skin,
but it rains, washed are the wounds.

And finally he’s out,
but this anger, this grudge,
will burn more and more –
but by the stranger they’ll be stifled.

He is not the last,
Around, below the wasteland,
there are many more buried,
ones such as him.
Written by Underdweller (Socket)
Author's Note
Continuation of "Force Funeral"
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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