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You’ve Earned it

When the days are short, and the nights seem longer
Who would hold you tighter, let you feel inside that nightly passionate gift   
Giving you that addictive Fahrenheit you feel between my thighs, my slicken wetness uplifting that boner    
Will you covet my temple in the oceanic silkiness of carnal bliss    
Come here my handsome lover    
Mm... it feels so good when your gentle kisses coat my soft lips under a slew of warm covers    
A feverish need igniting the flames of this curvaceous body    
Naughty whispers of enticement, weakening the sweetest defense of this Cocoa hottie    
Naked I come to you as we make such tender love under the majestic galaxy of stars
Venus surrendering, entwined in the soul of Mars  
The savoring melanin hue of an intellect mind that roams    
My Chi and heart, unto you I give, as you take it beyond the clouds, until we’re too far gone    
Through the space of the hereafter, you intoxicate me, a drugging effect    
Love we bind unto the celestial as flowing sands of time    
Such beautiful sentiments echoed in my ear    
Reach out and tenderly touch me as if you are near, here    
Closing my eyes, your love showers pouring over me    
Touching my skin with soft caresses of ecstasy      
My legs spread as you feel the drizzling of my soft climatic rain      
Into me you came like a hurricane      
Breaking down my vulnerability, my walls caving, unfretted desires takes the blame      
Moans resonates as I sink into the saturating space of time    
Kisses slowing worshipping upon my temple, rapture begotten of its poetic wine    
Your hands caressing over the smoothness of my skin      
Palms resting on silk sheets as you thrust deeper, farther in      
My legs encircling your back, scratches imbed, back curvature    
Calling out your name against your chest, my body begging, needing from you even more    
Bending my legs as you sink into my wet nest      
Taking my body to the stars beyond the moon    
Your erection dipping inside the abyss of my cunt’s cocoon    
Soaking in the bask of my moistness, flipping me over, a Queen on top      
Gyrating my hips, your girth circling, no breaths given to contemplate to stop    
Waiting once again for your erection to throb, seep, and then pop      
Pulling me to your face, your tongue darting inside my mouth    
Mm… yes right there… your dick slamming in and out my dampen south      
Smothering the peak of a tit      
My pussy meeting the stirring of your hard dick      
The taste of you pasted against the softness of my lips      
Pulling me on top of you, flapping my pussy up and down, enticing your upward groove    
Plaming my ass heightening your moves      
Your fingers intermingling within our juices      
My tight cunt coveting, letting the lust of this pussy’s desire, loose    
Rubbing my lips with our wet drips, then sealing them with a breathtaking kiss    
Hugging me tighter…mmm tweaking my cunt    
Oh... God yes…my climax blending within your cum      
Mm… you sure do know how to give this poetess what she needs, what she wants    
Written by Cocoa
Author's Note
Te lo sei guadagnato
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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