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Daddy Issues

I have the dirtiest Daddy issues, my Daddy told me I was naughty.

I stood in front of him, he just ignored me.

I slowly opened my robe and let it drop, he barely batted an eyelash.

I kneeled in front of Daddy, he looked and cocked an eyebrow.

I held my position, waiting for daddy’s attention, he stood up and walked away

I was cold, exposed, trembling, and patient.

I feel him step behind me and grab my hair, I feel my head jerk and body quiver.

Liquid fire shoots through my body, I felt something silky slide around my neck.

I feel the pressure ever so slowly growing, my eyes tearing up the need to reach for the
silk binding me.

I kneel in my pain, letting it wash over me my breath shallow.

I remain silent just barely audible a whimper slides from my lips.

I feel my body rise at Daddy pulls me up, the pressure lessening the air rushing into my lungs.

The world spins Daddy leans my form against his, letting me regain my equilibrium.

Daddy leads me to his desk. Pushes me down roughly I feel him reach for his favorite toy.

I feel the tip of the crop caress my ass, I tense up already knowing what is to come.

Daddy wraps his strong, rough hands around my throat to keep me in place as the first lash lands.

My body bucks and I feel the gentle pain coming in waves.

Daddy increases the speed and intensity of the smacks with the tip of the crop.

My body is trashing, I feel Daddy’s hand tightening on my throat.

The moisture pooling between my thighs, leaking down my legs.

With every stinging pop, I feel the radiating heat, my entire body flushed and ready.

The last lash hitting my already tingling and tender flesh unleashes a full-throated moan.

I feel Daddy press himself against me his hardness brushing against me.

I push back and the pain mixed with the feel of him makes me weak with need.

I hear the rustling sound of fabric and I feel him thrust his full length in me.

Grabbing my hair daddy takes me hard and fast, my mind free and my body in the throes of ecstasy.

The feeling of Daddy behind me, my skin sensitive to every touch of him against me.

The only sounds my barely contained screams and the sound of flesh against flesh.

I feel Daddies hand slide down and once again and wrap his hands around my throat.

The gentle yet strong grasp on my windpipe, Daddy calling me his little slut.

All my undoing before I can utter a word, my world explodes, and my body gives out.

Daddy continues using my spent body for his pleasure until he finds release inside of my body.

Daddy slowly turns me over and askes “Have you learned your lesson, are you going to by my good girl”.

I look at him earnestly and answer “Yes daddy”. The whole time thinking about how I can get into trouble tomorrow.

I do so enjoy Daddy’s punishments.
Written by Oliviahoney
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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