For This Darkness: Forgive Me

Inspired by lepperochan and his Eternal darkness 6 words 3 lines

Darkness falls I rise to embrace
Darkness is definitely the new light
Darkness gives light to the truth

Bathing in darkness nakedness required
No soap necessary, no rough sponge
Washing away my sins is pointless

I enjoy the pleasure of sinning
Angels boringly abstain and are celibate
The human difference; I enjoy pleasure

Are you scared of the dark?
What could be in the dark?
Simple: Turn the fuckin light on

You can always choose your friends
But not your family or mood
I'm friends of darkness and light

Thereís only one thing to fear
Not the darkness, not the light
Not ghosts, monsters, only human beings

Darkness is harmless on its own
It's loneliness that is a killer
Especially when you're alone in darkness

Dark thoughts of morbidity creep inside
And sometimes continuing life becomes unbearable
The same in darkness or light

In darkness the razor cuts deep
Blood flows carving their specific name
Pain and bloodletting a temporary respite

I'm in a very dark place
There is no one offering light
Isolation blinds me to the light

Darkness of the soul causes death
Your mind is consumed in darkness
It gives you no way out

Light and the dark don't care
Whether or not you choose death
You own that choice when alone

No one is there for you
Alone in the darkness of isolation
Donít drag others in with you

You can make friends with darkness
You can stand and fight it
Ultimately loneliness: The darkness always wins

I consider my wrists under bathwater
Warming, so delicate so easily cut
Soap and sponge doesn't cut it

Darkness invades an envelops your mood
Running around turning all lights off
So hard to see its' purpose

Unlike the ways of the light
Darkness has a purpose for you
The Dark Destroyer awaits your fall

The Dark Destroyer is only you
Your life, your death, your choice
Concentrate: Do what's right for you

Thereís no light, itís all pretend
The darkness of humanity is real
I'm ready for the grim reaper

Darkness causes a weeping like Christ
Guilt and sin lay heart heavy
I even pray for some light

Praying is like throwing shite skywards
Darkness rains that shite back downwards
Same shite different day, no light

Darkness doesn't stand at the door
Knocking asking for a Christlike invite
Force of entry without a warrant

Looking into the face of darkness
I only see my own reflection
The darkness comes from the inside

Dark thoughts, dark choices, dark deeds
Evil mind, evil contemplations, evil actions
The darkness and evil are inseparable

Only one solution, spontaneous human combustion
Fire cleanses, mind, body and soul
Heat and light ultimately defeats darkness

Each night sitting alone in darkness
Is a night brings me closer
To dark choices, a fitting end

Who can save me from it?
Drag me up from the pit
Darkness shields me in my misery

The thought of death: Not scared
The process of dying: Very scary
Terror is overcoming that very fear

I have nothing really to lose
If I surrender to the darkness
Death being an inconvenience to others

Thereíll be wailing and gnashing of teeth
Youíre allotted five minutes of fame
Found in the forest, rope hung

I seriously contemplate those left behind
Some tears, some sadness, some celebration
The thorn in their side removed

Bipolar is the light and dark
Bipolar is the sweet and sour
Bipolar kills those who are alone

Tis the season to be jolly
Only selfishness, greed and gluttony celebrated
Christless Christians enjoy only these

Christmas a dark celebration if lonely
Donít spare a thought: Do something
Prevent another suicide for fuck sake

Family estranged: They just don't care
No cards, no gifts, no contact
Crocodile tears on their fatherís demise

Fathers are never forgiven for mistakes
Mothers actions - gets off Scot free
They're the dark shades of hatred

No justice no peace: Dark world
The guilty smile, the victims suffer
Is it any wonder death beckons?

The lonely cripple has no value
He sits alone in the darkness
All it takes is one push

The dark actions of other people
Who care not about the consequences
Straw taken to the camel's back

Veiled poems, veiled comments, veiled threats
Accumulate in isolation and in darkness
Words as weapons cut so deep

Tick tock, Tick tock, Tick talk,
Lies and fake evidence destroying me
Canít stand up to darkness anymore

Theyíll get blood on their hands
No responsibility taken for evil deeds
No punishment given, no justice seen

I would happily kill myself but,
The wicked poets would only celebrate
I live only out of spite

They just hate my very existence
Because I can expose their lies
Character assassination is not even warranted

I die a little every day
The feeding frenzy is totally preventable
Whereís the dark knight's valiant protection

Suicide is not at all painless
Some experience pain, some do not
Champagne glasses clink, not at wake

Searching for reasons to continue living
Darkness blinds you, list is empty
Does the abuse ever just stop?

They say I am just faking
But what happens if they're wrong
Their dark deeds appear in note

The last act of a cripple
Who just learned to stand up
I go down, you go down

The suicide note is made public
Naming and shaming the guilty drivers
At last: Justice Will be done

Those in power are simply enablers
Witnessing abuse and doing absolutely nothing
Guilty they assist the dark side

I cry out, I pitifully weep
Itís all to no real avail
Will darkness come to an end?

For me it is too late
But others need to be protected
Bullies and constant abusers need expelled

I am so tired, I'm done
The fight against darkness is over
I admit: I'm surrendering to them

I wait for a kind word
For mutual apologies to take place
I apologised, spat back with venom

This time the bad guys win
Mind and body broken for you
Your creation, your monster, your doing

Heaven help the guilty, unpunished ones
The powers that be silence me
Blindfolded, bound, gagged, last cigarette

Killing me softly, never an option
This warrior, no surrender, no retreat
Fatally wounded battle cry silenced

Not even the pipes and drums
Inspire him to lead the charge
Cowardice and cowering form the dark

Last will and testament: Long Document
Screen shots and real evidence shown
Finally maybe darkness experiences a defeat

Score: The Darkness 1 - Macleod 0
The darkness in here are victorious
But happily, not for much longer

My actions appear to be dark
But they will finally create light
Truth and facts are not subjective

Be advised the house of cards
Will fall it's better that you
You throw your hand in now

The darkness whispers, "You be silent!"
Tells me to "Shut the fuck up!"
Giving in is now painfully assured
Written by David_Macleod (14397816)
Author's Note
If you have made it to the end you win a medal - it's in the mail

I suffered a poetic spill. These individual poems, (Unedited) was a stream of consciousness after two thirds of a bottle of...
If you have made it to the end you win a medal - it's in the mail

I suffered a poetic spill. These individual poems, (Unedited) was a stream of consciousness after two thirds of a bottle of spiced rum. A poetic release, do with it as you will. I have been silenced about this ultimate wickedness. Cowering down in the trenches I hope this does not seem over the top. This kilted warrior is a warrior no longer, I write now about mice and kittens I write about mountains and the purple heather - my muse for fighting against injustice has been beaten out of me. I am no longer the poet that once was. Some will say well thank fuck for that, those that celebrate are the guilty ones. Wake up people before itís too late!
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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