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The Banana Covered With Hot Chocolate

The Banana Covered With Hot Chocolate

This starts out as a fairy tale of a man called Banana and beautiful Cajon woman called Hot Chocolate.

One day Banana was out for a walk in his home town that had a very odd name it was called Pubic Hairs Ville the population was 69 hundred.

On with Bananaís walk he was suturing his stuff along the sidewalk looking around looking in the stores windows at all the displays as he came up the department store window he saw a reflection of a beautiful woman across the street he turn to get a better look at her.

Thinking he had to get to know her so he started to follow her around town she stop and saw Banana ask are you falling me yes Banana said
But why well you are the prettiest woman I have ever seen in my life why thank you youíre very handsome yourself thanks Banana sayís.

Not to be too forward my I buy a cup of coffee or something else yes that would be nice great Banana said they walk side by side as they approached Mableís Table Dinner shall we yes we entered meet by the hostess table for two yes Banana said we followed her this looks nice we sat down she left the menu as she started to leave would you like something drink what would like I am what your name it is Hot Chocolate I am Banana yes white wine if you have it yes we do two glasses yes.

Banana you not from around here are no Hot Chocolate said where are you from Iím from New Orleans nice place I hear you Banana where you from right here Pubic Hairs was born and raised I told Hot Chocolate sure a strange name for a town how did it get its name. †

 Well it was named after my mother when my dad big Banana settled it years back he love my momís Pubic Hairs so much he would call the town after her as her real name was Licking Box Hole of the Cherokee Tribe.

Brought our wine we order our meals Hot Chocolate order Lobster saying that she tries something different I am a vegetarian by nature just though I try this I ordered the New York well taking our orders and left. We ate and left what would you like to do now Hot Chocolate well Banana lets go to your place great I said lets go.

As we walk back to my house the sun was setting we arrive at my house sat on the porch sate in the swing watch the sunset Hot Chocolate said isnít that a beautiful sun set yes as I put my arm around her shoulder she rested her head on my chest placing her hand on my thigh and moaned a shy we sat there for a while admiring the view.

Hot Chocolate said lets go inside I stood took her hand in mine help her up and open the front door as Hot Chocolate entered she reach back patted my bulge my oh my you are a bit existed arenít you yes Hot Chocolate I am as I closed the door behind us Hot Chocolate turn and said you have a nice place thank you Hot your welcome Banana, we sat on the couch eyeing each other.

Hot would like something to drink yes wine if you have that I do stood went to the kitchen open the wine cabinet got out a bottle of burgundy pop the cork grabbed two glasses headed back to living room I stop in ah there was Hot Chocolate sitting there with not a stitch on legs apart on the couch I was flabbier gassed damn near drop the wine and glasses Hot Chocolate said join me here Banana she pats the cohesion next to her my eyes wide open mouth watering cock throbbing in my pants Hot says take off your clothes and join me here.

Hot Chocolate saying itís time for your desert I set down Hot takes hold of my member now relax and enjoy. Hot leans down with her tongue lashes at my the tip of my member licking the seeping per come Hot that feels great Hot take my hole member in her mouth twisting her tongue round my shaft I damn near came in her mouth at that point Hot rolled her eyes up looking at my face that was red with lust and excitement of her sucking and lapping me.

Not to come to fast Hot Chocolate hold on she lifts her mouth from my member says let it fly big boy and takes me back in at that point I exploded fill her mouth full Mmm., was the moan and swallows it all raises her head that was so yummy Banana want more not yet Hot your turn lay on your back as I gaze at this beauty on my couch slim body full round breast nipples erect eyes roaming the length of her sexy body. Feeling myself arousing once more my eyes lock onto Hot Chocolateís downy hairs lick my lips with my fingers spread Hot Chocolateís sexy pink folds exposing a harden clit begging to be suck lean down with my tongue lick from the bottom of Chocolateís slit to the top taking in the sweet swollen bud in my mouth.

Sucking it like a all day Lully Pop so succulent and sweet it be bobbing my head up and down then side to side wildly Chocolate moans in wild ecstasy thrusting her hips to my face holding my head in place fingers joyfully plunging in and out the wondrous treasure cave.

On my knees Chocolateís legs on my shoulders I inch my way to the slit opening with hand take my member rubbing her clit guide it back to her cunt and with one lounge I drive in pounding hard in and out Hot Chocolate screams out Iím Cumming I grunt and so am I our juices mix with a shy we both came.

 Now the Banana was covered with Hot Chocolate. † † † † † † † † †

Written by nutbuster (D C)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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