Image for the poem the lifeline aura of (y)our coronal plasma

the lifeline aura of (y)our coronal plasma


a spectacle of the rising spicules    
in a destined frenetic cadence    
emanate and deciphers prolific    
whiffs of ceaseless cosmic tides    
in an undiminishing magnificence    
brewing timelessly ambrosial dejavu    
fantastically unravelling each now  
(in no nondescript preverbially puerile    
    ...a bete noir abetting farce of-    
impervious narcissistic implosions)
in a self-lessly chanting grandeur fusion    
    ....of the elemental OM OM OM OM    
in the uncharted realms    
  of (y)our pervasive smell    
t h a t    t h e y     a r e
[-the galloping inks of ecstasy.. my wanton brand of musky crisis    
  in an age-old mellowed accents of a substanially intense something    
  an endless marathonic midnightly fuel    
-the gushly steamy uprising... from the first crop of crashing downpours    
over the severe Thar-deserted longing of the now  wetly flickering tarroads    
hitting hard the nascent monsoonal nights budding with an auspicious    
cresentic moon in a bridal shyly veiled magnetic bright lit curvilinears    
-the 24*7 uplifting roadside nightshop.. oozing seductive chimney haziness    
in purely mixed notes of kicking theobromines & cerealistic baked divinities    
steely rimming in thickened soda glass tumblered magnified chatters...left as such    
in same permutational alignments of the absential subjects..relay-taken over    
by the noisily gheraoed houseflies in their face-to-face gossipy conferenincgs    
-the twilightic mooted holy smokiness.. from the brittly dry twiggy senescence    
in their all-giving herbal active concocted congregations- virtuously effervescing    
in Sati liberations    
-the civety javvadu in a phenomenal pheromonal calling.. your nuancing spells    
in encyclopaedic aphrodisiacal sutras... in an as & when soothing slow-release    
cryptically coming installments ... making me epically crave...a 'Kannagi's Valasai'  
syndrome I become in your silent avalanching quenching yearns of this sensual    
meltdown... of your forever arrival marrying so conceretley abstract..that never    
is in lustily decadent indulgent proportions of erratically flirtatious eroticisms..]
-l o v e . just and pure. whatmore.  
Written by summultima (uma)
Author's Note
l o v e. just and pure. whatmore . you know Rob xx <3
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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