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You just wanted me to fuck on.
Now itís you that Iím stuck on. Damn, I was really feeling you but you ainít feel the same. Tried to rekindle the fire but only burned out the flame. It was fun while It lasted. Wish that time were longer. Hey maybe we needed this time apart you know absence makes the heart grow fonder. Psh, who am I kidding, you Played me for a fool the harlequins joker, I still think of the time I used to wear your hands around my throat like a choker. I still think back to who you held me tight, why you bring the darkness first when I was headed toward your light? Thought I snatched your soul but It seems you snatched mine. you ask me how Iím doing, I lie and say just fine. You kissed and touched spots on me thatíd never let another see, so I guess if you love something, you truly have to set It free. I keep trying to scrub you off my skin, but I can still feel you. Your smell wonít fade. God dammit now Iím thinking bout your fucking face.
I hate that I miss you and you ainít even giving me a second thought. Those deep ass car conversations at 2am. I shared shit with you I never shared with my ex. I did things with you that could get me hexed. And It hurts, cause for some reason I really believed that because I wanted you, you would want me. Shouldíve listened better when you kept telling me trust no one, not even you. God damn Iím so stupid, you kept giving me clues to crack the code I was biased on the evidence I wanted to let the good times roll. Now Iím throwing punches while others take the hit. Fuck I canít stand you, let me just sit and catch my breath. Nothing more then a simple affair Iíll cherish the memories that you and I shared. Not sure If we could ever be just friends because the way I feel about you doesnít seem to have an end, and that sucks because i'll have to see you happy with another. I got you ready for the next bitch, I got half a nerve to snitch and air out all ya dirty laundry but that wont help clean the mess thats been made itíll just leave me in a quandary.
Written by fvcks0ci3ty (Tiffanie)
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