Why I DON'T Buy the GLOBAL Flood (And YOU Don't Need to Either)

I am proudly PRO-LIFE.
So I don't like the idea of a mother killing her own offspring.
 And a woman who gets pregnant becomes a mother as soon as fertilization takes place - whether or not the offspring gets born.
She is the BEGINNING of a mother, a proto-mom you could say.
For the zygote is no longer just an ovum.
Yes, to have a ZYGOTE in your body is the beginning of motherhood.
So any woman who has an abortion = a MOTHER up until that acting of killing takes place.
But I digress. Let me get back to Noah and the FLOOD.

For God to kill ALL of His own (brand-new) CREATION in a GLOBAL flood (except for Noah and family) - that makes Him too similar to a mother killing her very young offspring.
Yes, the God that Genesis 7 presents is too close to a mother who aborts her own baby !!
 For the judgment is too massive, too sweeping, too severe !!
So the obvious solution is for us to take the flood of Noah's time NOT as GLOBAL, but as local !!
That SAVES God from being monster-like -- from being the likeness of a woman who takes the life of her offspring at the very start of its life !!
 So the Black Sea Flood of 5,500 BC or 7,500 years ago is the perfect solution.
Look it up on YouTube or google it.
What the strong point of the Black Sea Flood as far as the Biblical story of Noah's Flood is concerned ??!!
 Well, the Black Sea is located northwest of Iraq.
And Iraq is where all the Flood stories come from.
 There's the Summarian version, the Babylonian version, the Assyrian version.
 And the Bible account may be tracable to Abraham who migrated from Iraq to Caanan.
Because Iraq is right below the Black Sea on the east side, it is feasible that the people displaced by that flood moved south - which would bring them right into Iraq !! Look at a map, you'll see what i mean !!
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