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The Three

The Three
Check into Sheraton
Shower, change, eat cheap
Saunter to the bar
Order gin, lemon with a twist
Swivel on my stool
Looking for a hit

At the corner two lovelies sit
Sipping flavoured drink
Eye contact I make
Received pleasantly; no mistake

Airily take a chair
Force myself in there
Offer drinks all round
Three gins, two pink

Ask for names
Mary and Rose
Simple talk passes by
Sip our drinks
Easy laughs
Mary busty and hips unforgiving
Rose all lips and pouting maybe even offering some jousting

Reaching over, whisper to my ear
Room 1096
Smile and a wink
Up, make our way

Key card clicks
Door cracks
In we go
Mary pushes lips on Rose
Rose transfers kisses to me

Clothes are shed
No disappointment met
Maryís tits are more than expected
Heavy and full
Nipples extended
Hips wider than I believed
Rose more slender
Tits all nipple and areola
Arse firm
Grab and squeeze

Roseís lips suckle on a nipple
Maryís moans show simple satisfaction
Head rolls back in exultation
My mouth grabs the other
More exasperation
Nipples pulsate, further elongate, triumphant
Go from pink to red, pulsate to burgundy

Fingers grab my prick
Rub up down to make me thick
Palm on balls massage with purpose
Pulling, kneading, fondling
Sighs are suttle, ask for more

To her knees drops Rose
Perpendicular to my cock
Stiff and ready
Tongue makes steady
Lapping, sucking, mouth fucking
Dripping dripping dripping

Left hand finds a pussy
One finger probes
Two are asked for
Sticky slimy viscous delight
Pump more and more to hit the height
Reward is a gooey glob

Rose rises asks for the same
Replication on demand
Pussy so wet
Two fingers pry
Literal drips; oh my
Now two pussies in the hand
But no bushes can be found

Pussy I must eat
Mary volunteers for the treat
On her back she falls
Tits up
Knees up
Great view for all
Before I can lash my tongue
Rose has begun
From apex to valley her tongue does slide
Sucking the juicy from inside

My way is taken
But I am much awaken
To the back of Rose I go
Kneel and probe
From clit to arse I ravish
Rewarded with relish
One sucked finger I push
That backdoor is now flushed
Raising my height
I position my dick
Slide the knife in the scabbard
Squelch I hear as I pound this dear

Mary rises moving forward with a loving sneer
Devilment in her eye
Removes my cock from that slippy slot
Cleans it till it is shiny
Places my cock to the forbidden spot
Demands I ram the baby home
Rose letís out a whimper
Pushes back which makes it simpler
I shove with gusto
I canít get in
Mary knows what to do
Spits on her fingers
Massages the sphincter
While devouring and salivating my cock

Once more we take aim
Rose is ready again
With more determination we get it home
Mary cries fuck her fuck her fuck her
Rose yells fuck me fuck me fuck me
I go all in
I go all out
I go all in
I go all out
My spleen trembles
I spilt my seed deep
My throat is dry
My cock is limp
To lie is my best bet

Mary and Rose embrace
Share their enjoyed disgrace
Pleasures at the Sheraton hotel
Written by Careyra
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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