A Dream In the Center of Time and Space

Here we are,  
A new step in our future,  
A moment I've been longing for,  
With the one I adore....  
To be alone in a moment of time,  
With the love of my life, sublime.  
It's now been a year that we've been together,  
Through so many storms, minor, and major, we did weather.  
My love, so sweet, kind, intelligent, loving,  
Lovable, honorable, truthful, an antediluvian formality and manners, and caring,  
Wise, beautiful, creative, interesting, nerdy, talented,  
The list could go on and on without end....  
Just the two of us alone,  
We're reaching a new milestone,  
Growing higher, has this flame  
...And I can see in his eyes, he feels the same.  
Us both, sitting in a place,  
At the center of both time and space,  
Both metaphorically and littoral,  
On the edge of this sea of space, immortal.  
Sitting together, staring into the deep, abyss of galaxies, not saying a word,  
Until he, without a word,  
Stands up to go inside,  
And calls me inside,  
"Care to join me?" He asks, sweetly,  
Flustered, knowing where this will lead, I follow him promptly.  
And tout de suite, to a dim, little room,  
His scent overwhelming me, like a fine perfume,  
Upon a bed in the center, inside a dark canopy,  
We sit, staring into each other's eyes, full of beauty...  
I see galaxies within his eyes,  
We are each other's prize.  
As we lean in to kiss,  
My body takes control and seems to know just what to do, even with zero practice.  
Slowly, he pulls me out of my chelonian shell,  
Knowing just what to do, and how to do it so well.  
He smiles at me, a winsome smile,  
As celestial bodies are pulled together by a gibbous gravity, as we lay onto the finest cotton textile.  
I run my fingers through his curly, white hair,  
And kiss his wrinkles...his face, his neck...everywhere.  
Holding in my arms, his exposed, refulgent being,  
More beautiful than any work of art in any oeuvre,  
Beautiful, innocent, wise, and pure.  
Slowly but surely,  
One thing leads to another so easily,  
Until we're in another dimension,  
Made entirely out of flame, that through us, does burn.  
Where tender ripples, become waves of tenderness,  
As atoms colide, in a land of unknown, magickal, wilderness.  
As love soars on celestial wings,  
Learning new things.  
Reaching places within my soul I didn't even know were there,  
Like a Mandelbrot fractle, going on forever, and ever.  
And then love lands...  
Slowly falling asleep, ear against heart, when all sounds are at their ends,  
Except for the ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom, of love,  
The slowing thumping in his chest, with my ear above.  
A gentle sigh, a nonverbal statement of love,  
From both our lips,  
As, into the dream world our minds slip.
Written by Orc_Pirate_68 (Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell)
Published | Edited 7th Mar 2020
Author's Note
About a dream I had.
For the "In a Word...With a Twist 2" competition.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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