A Bar Room Comedy

Standing at the helm
of the Golden Lion's
dying realm
there's Brian the landlord
who looks on in dischord
he knows he's above this
with his girlfriend in his clutches
bar flying
is baloo with a scarf ,
crying and blue
he's always lying
about something new .

Lets not forget the colonel
at his reserved space ,
acting so formal
with a high blood pressure face .
looking like garfield the cat
with a  moustache and blinking  
donned with a tartan hat
on a marathon for drinking ..

He's always talking
of times gone by  
in the background squawking
the football is up high  
you can hear grown men bawling
over a game , as they cry
and a man by the name
of what we called Sly
he goes insane if you nudge him
passing by .

You can also hear Egor
with jokes we all abhore
that he keeps telling
with the scams he's selling
never sharing the pie
only he is smelling
life passes him by
in his double glazed
his name erased ,
elbows ungrazed
and accounts swelling
unlike the social woods that he's shaved
and now felling .
He tells his joke
then takes a bow
revealing the back of his head
that looks like a brow  .

Then there's , Thomas the pervert
the half wit
in conflict
who sits in comfort ,
the effalump
who gets drunk  
he's always smoking
and wearing dense glasses
that cover greedy eyes
you'd love to give a good poking .
With plenty to spend
and no brain to comprehend
he has the audacity
to walk in society
unable to mend
what wasn't took lightly
as do-gooder's defend
this blob of unsightly .

There's Rolf the writer
the bearded high and mightier
the smug novel worded
paper back pioneer .

And Tony who does press-ups
pissed up and between hic-cups
he's fat
not muscley
a twat
and messed up mentally .

There's vampire Spock
who stands below the bin time clock
his money unearned
and eyes adhock
collar upturned
and coffin unlocked .

There's Jake the pub dog
and owner Mildred
who looks like a pond frog
thats been jilted .

Well these were the characters
of a local bar
I know you'll connect to this
from wherever you are .  
Written by diddi (StephenPaul Summerscales)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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