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Red Silk Sheets

Kisses long and wet  
Delicious ivory skin tone butter rum met      
Duality of its ecstasy under the covers, softy felt      
Passion seized on the run too alluring to ignore      
Mouthing sweet flesh, moaning, the core of my soul, onto your tongue it slowly pours      
Feasting greedily while hands on top of your head, back arched, mmm… the taste of me urging you on      
Pulsating for your release from our lustful song, passion ringing to the break of dawn      
Just enough time to drown in my sweet flesh      
Hands exploring, guiding, whispers, pleading, surrendering as you relish      
My soft ebony thighs invite you in      
You spreading them wider, smiling, sending promises of warmth as your hard dance begin      
Essence of my womanhood, powerful, natural, addictive pushing you over the top      
Clenching me tighter with each thrust of a solid dick about ready to pop      
A slit deep, tight, so warm      
Making love to me to satisfy my hunger, as passion for us is reborn      
Ah, sweet decadence that you obsess for      
Giving you more than you deserve, my butter rum skin you adore      
Wondrous flow, kissing me, tongue to tongue      
As you hastily, greedily devour every morsel inside of me before the dam breaks spilling forth my raining cum      
Your dick dipping deeper with vengeance, as your manly task supersedes at hand      
Teasing, pleasing as my wet pussy demands      
Milking your girth with each piercing slip      
Retracting to the tip, stirring inside my honey nest, then a hard dip      
Pounding all up inside this oceanic moisten gift      
Mm … your manhood jousting, twisting      
Legs circling your ankles…my body gyrating againt your shifting      
Your passionate rage giving me more than I can stand      
Whispering in my ear, “take this dick from your man”      
Eyes closed, your dick on the cuspid to explode      
My slicken cunt pulsating, swallowing the elongation of your soul      
Drowning the throbbing hard width, legs entwined, weakening me the deeper you patrol  
Your thrust probing, uncontrolled      
Mm…each driven point, feeling more like a passionate mark      
Moans of exclamations, back flapping as my soft fold parts        
Losing myself in your love making      
Nails indenting your back, droplets of your essence I’m taking      
Your family jewels snaking inside, coveting my wet treasure      
Sinking over and over again, channeling my weather      
Wallowing in my essence, licking, dicking and now pleasing me with your sticking      
Wanton whispers worth my red silk sheets of its praise      
Luscious buttocks up and down, dominating my movements with each hip raise      
Locked in my inner dampen  core, got me addicted, begging out for you to give me more      
Slipping in and out of my dewy lust      
Umm…oh…oh yes… causing my climax to slowly bust      
Dropping your body on top of me, cupping by ass, slowly humping in and out, prolonging the rush      
Lips stealing a kiss      
That last hard thrust releasing your essence flooding all up in my slit      
Oh yes…bodies sweaty, satisfied, wanting, needing more, licking my lips      
Yanking your erection out, licking the remnants of our essence from off your dick      
Red Silk Sheets
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 11th Nov 2019
Author's Note
Totally speechless of such wanton behavior displayed here... this poetess ought to be ashamed of herself for allowing you a naked glimpse inside her bedroom and what transpires under those red silken...
Totally speechless of such wanton behavior displayed here... this poetess ought to be ashamed of herself for allowing you a naked glimpse inside her bedroom and what transpires under those red silken sheets… wink

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