Live as if itís your last act

Live your life as if it was the last thing youíll ever do on this planet
Always give your very best and never second guess yourself
Never live through others and always live with yourself.
Never dwell on the things you donít have or wish you had because those things will never happen.
Always enjoy what you have in front of you cause there are people who would die for it.
Enjoy the small things in life cause those things add up in the end.
Always remember where you came from and where you're going in life
Nothing in life is ever written in stone and your the one whoís carving it.
Always remember, lifeís not easy and was never meant to be easy
Life was always meant to be hard, difficult and sometimes painful
Thatís part of being human and being who we are.
We canít change that but if we know how to live with it
Then life gets easier as we get older and wiser than before
Itís why I never dwell on the past or things that was done to me
I canít change that cause itís already written into the pages of my life
I can dictate what happens moving forward and those pages are still unwritten
Itís why, you need to live the life your in and not in someone else.
Need to learn to live and live to the fullest
And you need to know, if you never lived the life to the fullest, then you never lived it at all.
Itís why you never take anything for granted because one day you can be alive.
Then the next day, you can be on that slab, regretting all the things you didnít do.
Itís why, you better learn to live, have fun and enjoy everything in life
Cause when itís gone, itís completely gone.
Itís why, always enjoy the things you have now because sooner or later youíll regret it
You donít want to be that one coupled up in that room, waiting to meet your maker.
And regretting and carrying all that weight of things you could, would and should have done in life.
Instead, live and have fun.
Even if itís by yourself because the small things in life are more fun than the big things.
Always think, Life is meant to be live to the fullest
Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed
If your not living your life and then your not living at all.
So why anchor yourself to the past when you could be living in the present
The past is done and over with.
Live for today because you may never have a tomorrow.
Live in the now and in the moment
Because when we are gone
All the things we will have left is the memories of a life that was live
So Live now and live in the moment as if it was your last act.
Written by kamododragon (Nicky K.D Chaleunphone)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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