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I was talking with a co-worker about the recent released American Son movie on Netflix. Not for obvious reasons, but that was the moment I realized its not just corruption in the police force. It's everywhere!!!  because no matter how hard she worked to make sure her son and herself spoke properly. Everyone will still judge you on the way you look.  
She talks about how depressing her son felt being the face of the people and being seen only as that. She taught him the world was good but never explained the bad in the world, it hits him hard. Because of everything that transpired her son rebels. To her he was finding himself, to the police he was a criminal.  
Now this is where the story gets interesting of why this was even mentioned at my place of income. I'm trying to tell soo much without spoiling the movie, but its obvious this woman was waiting hours for answers on the where abouts of her son. No info, could be given to her apparently. She was frustrated...I deal with frustrated customers daily and you'd be surprised at the customers I actually have the most problem with. When someone looks like her, frustration has to be swallowed and apologies for who she is necessary to keep from being called loud, ghetto, uneducated, etc. because you're frustrated.  
I said this to the co-worker, her response was " well getting loud" is bad no matter what you look like, you don't have to scream. I agree, but ANYONE with no power or answers on where the person they birthed is and being treated like her sons life doesn't matter would upset any parent. So in most cases, yes you should not scream, but I work in an environment where I'm screamed at all day for customer error USUALLY, and nothing with the service or product its self. Like I said you'd be surprised at the the actual loud, disrespectful people I talk to on a daily. To be honest none are ever of the darker complexion, and usually are of the female gender.
That being said... its crazy I have to down play my feelings to not upset the next person, or stereotype of me. When as people we have the same feelings and emotions. How we express them is the only difference. The uncle tom in the movie, that's what she calls him...Made a valid point before leaving out about how the world is. Almost as if saying, even if Shaniqua spent millions on her purse because her name is not Susan, you will still first think her purse must be fake. Is that wrong?  
Can't say yes or no, when this is the systematic brain washing that has programmed all of us to think or act the way we do. Its not just a white thing, its an US thing. All races are guilty of it. This is not a writing about a race blame game. It's me writing about how unfair the world is period. Police brutality, Corporations, government. everything! Because social class, who you know, what you know matters! without that you're nothing in America. You kick scream all you want, if you not doing it to the right're just a hot air balloon waiting to explode into thin air.  
My coworker hates me now, because I also mentioned if I was to get loud"Ghetto"Id be threatened with police and sent to jail. You on the other hand would be considered "CRAZY" you may just get some time in the psych-ward. You can say its not true but it is,  
For instance....NOT SAYING ITS FACTS...just my thoughts.  
Crack- black POOR man drug=crackhead=criminal
Coke- white man drug= RICH= not criminal (usually serves less time because its PURE)
Herrion- POOR white man drug= MENTAL DISORDER, but definitely NOT criminal  
I get it now!!  
its not the drug that's bad, its the person using the drug that makes it bad
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