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Player 1

He’s not listening to anything I’m saying, neck muscles won’t even turn half a fraction in my direction to lock eyes with mine just for a second.
“Baby?” I ask  
“Yes baby?” He says stifling and agitated.
“I want to tell you about my day,” staring at the back of his head beginning to lose my patience.  
“I’m listening, I just don’t want to lose this” he replies in urgency.  
Ok, bet...stripping down to brown skin, removing each article of clothing restricting my freedom I stand there bare and in heat. Walking over to his rested location on the sofa tapping on his shoulder waiting for a response to this pleasant surprise but I get nothing.  
I decide to click my heels in front of the television that so viciously has his attention, not directly centered but off to the side so his eyes can catch a glimpse of what I really want for him to play with. I see his pupils wandering slowly onto me focusing on my curves and exposed assests, could have sworn I saw him go cross eyed trying to focus on both in the same instant.  
“DEFEAT!” The announcer says in a blaring voice followed by sappy music.  
“Fuck, you made me lose, what are you doing?” Now even more ticked due to his recent loss but still staring at his life sized playground.  
“I want you to play with me,” I say.  
“After this last game, I’m about to win the tournament” cracking the knuckles of his broad hands and regripping the controller.  
Ok, bet...still standing there I wait for the round to begin and then I crouch down to my knees. Now between his legs rubbing on the head of dick, licking up his neck onto his chin sneaking a quick kiss in between controlled moves. Watching him grow solid inside his boxers is the best show I’ve ever seen, listening to his muffled grunts telling me to stop sticking my tongue in out of the opening playing with his pretty tip, pulling it out fully to admire my own stiffened victory.  
Precum beginning to ooze out but momma taught me to never waste my food so I begin lapping the sweet secretion from his hole..1...2...3...I wonder how many licks it would take for him to stick it in me?  
 I can hear his breathing tense up, chest expanding into a sudden exhale while still dodging blows and I’m now ready to blow him. Letting him feel himself part my lips introducing the back of my throat to his dick, tongue performing tricks that only cheat codes could unlock, bobbing my head on his cock, in and out of mouth spitting on it so sloppy before sucking him clean and repeat for the ultimate dualshock, my hand stroking the shaft while my mouth pleases the head he releases a deep groan.  
The task of trying to focus and not cum is damn near turning his eyes red so I crank to the next level, gargling saliva putting him all the way inside, wrestling my tonsils I hold it there gagging with spit bursting from the sides of my mouth.  
2 up and 2 down this is the final match before game over, hips  rising from his seat thrusting deeper penetration into my mouth, tongue flattened along the length of his shaft giving his balls a tightly pleasant grab.  
Fingers mashing buttons with such force as if that’s going to help him win, huge trails of spit dripping from my balls deep chin.  
“If I lose this match that’s yo ass,” he says quickly looking down but little does he know that’s been my plan all along.  
Counterattacking his opponent while I’m boosting for a charge shot, he explodes intensely as I swallow, releasing my jaws into a slower sucking motion to prolong his frames per second, filling my throat with his thick cream coating all of my tastebuds.  
Still trembling inside my mouth reassuring that I did not miss one single drop, I unlatch from his drained joystick and arise from my carpet imprinted knees to the sound of another defeat cutting through the warm silence in the room.  
I look at him and smile, licking the dripping sweat from the side of his astonished yet satisfied face.  
“I win.”
Written by Calligraphee
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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