Fuckinggggg...something, idk

Fuck it, I ainít going out in public
I donít get how people love it
I donít think that Iím too good for that but usually I snub it

I prefer some peace and quite
Put some tunes on, tune my diet
When I got out drinking seems like everybody wants to riot

Whereís the time for conversation?
I use my imagination
It can seem like I do fuck all, I put pro in crastination

Start a project, rarely finish
Start a new one just to bin it
If it comes out less than perfect, wasted time invested in it

Only keeping that for content
But you see the glaring problem
And for me itís so much worse cause Iím the one thatís meant to stop it

But I canít keep chucking efforts
Tryna think of something better
Cause I know that if I wait for perfect Iíll be here forever

I think you see where this is going
I am bored of how its flowing
Iíve been indoors more than half my life and fighting with myself to build a paradise
But fuck, my mindís a parasite
My want to over analyse
has got my body paralysed

I wish that I could do it
Be slap dash, screw it
But who would be the one to tell me first I fucking blew it?

Thatíd be me
My own worst enemy
The one thatís loves creating but destroys my self esteem

I wish I didnít care
I wish I didnít care
I wish I had some hair so I could let it down but no, I wouldnít dare
Iím not afraid
Thatís just how I was made
Or is that just a stupid little lie I say to keep me stuck in place cause Iím complacent
I want the world to change
I want to change the world
I want to change myself to suit the world but want to be myself as well
the fuck is wrong with me I swear right down to hell
I sound like Iím a twelve year old girl itís so embarrassing
Get a fucking grip man
Good plan, out yourself, MY LIFE IS FUCKING SHIT MAN
I want to fucking die...nah really, I do. I donít know why
I like the thought of having life but would I cry if that subsided? Probably not..?
And you wonít either
Cause all I added to the table
was some crappy little fables,
been emotionally unstable
and made you question if youíre able
And youíre not. Cause youíre like me
But I could tell you that youíre worth the space you take up and the air you breathe, not me though
Written by Benzy_420 (BTheW)
Author's Note
Iíve reached a troth. Whereís them peaks at...
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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