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The Call Of Surrendering

I hear your echoing caresses  
A time misplaced, the heart feels, the mind quietly coats
The calling of undeniable ecstasy
Desires lead by the high nigh of the stars †
My supple nakedness unto you, glistening under the full moon  
Mouths blanketing in hunger its absence of time  
Inhaling the scent of your primitive arousal †

Your stature pinned to the softness of my Chi  
Divesting attires in haste  
Canopy of kisses, ravishing, tattooing my skin  
Give unto the lay of Mother Natureís bed of earth  
Spreading my temple upon a field of cushioned lush  
The fetish of my skin your eyes bewander †

Asunder the ingress of my sacred divinity  
Your fingers worshipping the moistness, plundering as they slip for the slide  
Investigating farther, sampling of its carnal consecration you shall dine upon  
Canvas me ever so slowly with the tip of your tongue †
Famishly tasting upon the sweeten nectar of my inner soul  
Cadence in my moans to the Heavens of its fervent purge  

Eyes rested in obscurity †
Each tender stroke, scrawling within the pathway beyond the soften entry †
Awaiting anticipation, trickles of madness glazing in its wake  
Masterful cunnilinctus art, etching me closer and closer †
Partaking in a cascading rainfall, remnant of its showering release  

The cup of my fruitful bearings, juices runneth over  
Staining the tip of your oral plexus  
Digesting its drizzling release †
Slivering in the eternal reign of my cosmic being  
My pinkish paradise, fusing, coveting the width, enticing the soar of its increments †
Absorbing you deeper into the passage of my loverís sponge  

For this night, allow the feast of passion to consummate †
As you dip in and out, bathing your erection in the warmth of my snuggling depth †  
Surrendering energetic of twin forces †
We befall unto the weakened moment of submitting our will  

Physical rapture into the heat of the night we are  
Baptizing me, tantalizing my needs, dancing in the seepage of our aftermath  
Soaking in the blissfulness of my silken pleasure  
Sinking deeper over and over once again to savor  
The unending gush of my intoxicating flavor  

The Calling
Written by Cocoa
Author's Note
Avek lanmou ak pasyon nanm twine😘
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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