It is by far the biggest document I have, too large to fit in the flame proof box they insisted I bought. I often wondered why it was so big, perhaps it was to match the four years of training that lead to the final signatures. It was such a proud day.

We were in the boardroom, the best china was on the trolley and the tea had been scalded next to a plate of posh biscuits. Dad was well prepared, he had set fire to his nasal hair with a small party candle and used half a styptic pencil on his, over-zealous shaving cuts. A Brylcreem bounce set off his best blue suit and he had spent at least an hour polishing his slip on shoes. He always reminded me of a Teddy Boy when he dressed to impress and I think he quite liked me saying that.

Mum looked like she was going to be sick with nerves; I had only seen her in that state on one other occasion and that was when I asked her what a vagina looked like.

By the time the biscuits got to me there was only Rich Tea left and in my book they don't really make it as a biscuit, never mind a posh one. Mum was listening intently to some big speech and didn't notice me swap out the Bourbon that was delicately balanced on the side of her saucer. The document that followed the biscuit plate was as big as the Times newspaper. Signed first by the Power Station manager, then dad and finally passed to me. Nobody told me not to put my tea cup on it and the ring that followed still makes me smile today. It seemed to be the only thing mum was bothered about, it was the same when I put a greasy finger print on cousin Pats wedding album and I didn't understand why she went mental then either.

The station manager gave a little speech about electrical engineering in modern factories and made some smart arse comment about me, now being competent to wire a plug. "You do know how to wire a plug" he asked.
"Of course I do, Red to green, blue to bits" I said hoping for a laugh, it never came.

I always thought indentures were something you kept in a jar at the side of the bed now I know that they are far too big and important for that. Itís in the loft somewhere, lets hope we don't have a fire.
Written by Razzerleaf
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The signing of my indentures
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