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be the fire...

in the early hours of morning
as dawn warmed the darkened sky
I stood transfixed
when a single star flashed brightly
lighting up a fading night
leaving me deeply moved
thoughts whispering softly
stirring my mind
what would I say to you
if this were my last day
what wishes would I cast your way
what images would I press into your upturned palms
kissing & imbuing them with all my hopes
infusing your dreams
willing them into being
and then it occurred to me
I donít want you reading an unsent letter
at some distant future date
telling you of things I already should have said
I donít want to wait
as always
the time for movement is now
so this is my wish
more than anything
I want you to live
in the most vibrant sense of the word
donít be afraid of changing moods
or let others determine the course for you
be the mistress of your universe
don't let day-to-day make you forget
you were made for incredible things
never let your laughter expire
all bottled up inside
give your inner little girl the freedom to roam
and always take your sense of wonder wherever you go
in truth, I want so much
for you to experience flavors & places
youíd never have thought to imagine
run your fingers over textures that fill your eyes with emotion
read books thick with meaning
because thereís always more out there well worth the learning
and may your muse be infused with all the beauty that is you
filling pages & pages without end
free to release all you need to express
each time you pick up your camera or a pen
I hope you gaze at works of art beyond amazing
so beautiful it brings you to your knees
giving you a true sense of man's divinity
travel to distant lands & meet people youíve never dreamt of seeing
those who make you think far beyond your knowledge
expanding your horizons
igniting your spiritual fire
I hope you have conversations that awaken
take chances you've never taken
ascend those mountains you love to hike
and revel in the howling silence
when you finally reach the peak
mother nature in all her glory
spread magnificently beneath your feet
honour her
as you've always honoured me
feel her pulse through your entirety
and breathe
go out & walk barefoot on beaches
untamed hair free in the wind
fill your pockets with seashells
and lift them to your ear
listen with delight to the ocean rolling within
above all of this
I have one fervent wish
I hope you love
with everything you are
let your passion
guide your beautiful heart
Written by FromTheAsh
Author's Note
Copyright © 2019 FromTheAsh. All Rights Reserved
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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