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Love of the Darkest sort

 Your venom of accepted bullshit spits with great genius.
​I swallow your wet words tasting the sweet and sour of  
allowed deceit. Emotional pain intermixing with physical  
pain over time, now wearing the same demonic face we both  
tongue in the dark. My heart gormandized then regurgitated,  
repeating residual beats heard in the haunts of our tinted  
home. I bare my flogged back arched and oiled. Steady as  
you continue carving your masterpiece for audience applause.    
Signature stab marks I stitch with shiny blades and black  
thread through gnashing teeth. Our erratic love written in old    
English calligraphy decorates our living walls for guests to detest    
and hypocrite on. They chase false fairies licking righteous dick    
and pointing fingers I bite that fills my belly.    
Beautifully painful sounds of large calloused palms violent against    
black latex mounds I crave. Breather holes tested and covered in play of Gasper.    
My other personalities and I share in your gluttony of pussy and their variations in all  
​things sinfully tasty. We hunt the cunt together, playing with  
our food. Latter scraps for nature's hounds we rid to appease my jealousies.  
Lost and determined eyes changing from hazel to watery  
red lightning, crackling, holding it's gaze of daggered cocks fucking in anger's sloppy bed.    
Leather leashes forcing attentions rule... I self inflict my own pain, a    
heightened tease for hungry eyes I strip, panting beneath bravery's kilt, feeling my white lace crimsoning.  
Drink of my youthful fountain and satisfy your aging thirst and there I will eat and take part in communion of you.  
Guttural groans, seeing your aroused approval of shiny blades initialing it's arrival.  
Red warmth down her chin, bypassing dead capillaries and pooling in corset cleavage  
tempting titty fucks of strawberry and vanilla swirls.  
Two minds chained together, wrapping around the hickey's of glorified euphoria.    
We toast glasses clanking, yanking shades of blue on Philia's glossed lips screaming  
and convulsing her quieting lullabies. Fucking our way to the bank, awaking  
on live stages swallowing the applaud of increasing views.  
Creativity tires our rampage, for now put the Russian iron to bed..  
​Limits and rebuked pleasures of Sadie go unmatched in the webs dark halls.  
Dare not call me a lady, far from it I am in full boast.  
Their ghosts surrounding my bed would banter ferociously  
at such a claim of feminine bullshit. Instead love me as you do...
Suspend me by my hair and rape me to sleep like only you can hatefully lovingly do. I feed and cradle your beast between my drenched ego and you adore and kiss my darkened mind in all it's deviance and fuckage...  
Let the wrong done unto me see it's hateful creation and let them secretly envy and lick my heels.  
This love wedded with all that is rejected, detested and whispered of.. I suck off over dirty toilets laughing in sarcasm all the while smirking beyond false eyelashes and watching as I swallow this deliciousness of shame and tainted blackmail.  
Grotesqued abominations we are, perfected each to the other our darkness  A cunning match forged in mastery of the blacksmith's fires. Drowned and cooled in ruby tubs of nevermore's and hidden sorts.
Written by Darkpoetria (DarkOakPoetry)
Published | Edited 17th Oct 2019
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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