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He Say's; She Say's

She says:  
Too many times you've hurt me  
You've let me down too much  
Anger and resentment  
I hold to like a clutch  
I'm trying to say we're over  
It's too late for us now  
I hate going back on  
The words we called a vow  
He says:  
I can't believe you'd do this  
You are not making sense  
I love you, I need you  
This is my defense  
You promised you'd always be here  
To see this through the end  
You said you'd always love me  
Forever we would spend  
She says:  
I love you greatly  
You know I'm not wrong  
I gave you everything I had  
While you strung me along  
You took me for granted  
Thought I'd never leave  
You were mistaken for this  
Not right to perceive  
He says:  
Please don't go  
I won't give up the fight  
Give me one more chance  
You deserve I make this right  
I know I wasn't good to you  
Clearly now I see  
I wasn't your everything  
That you needed me to be  
She say's:  
It is too late for your efforts  
I begged for them for years  
Asked you to give a fuck  
I cried so many tears  
Physically you've been here  
But mentally you've been gone  
I tried for years to talk to you  
You'd get angry and stay withdrawn  
He say's:  
I see the error of my ways  
I swear to you I've changed  
Please stay, don't make me leave  
I can't stand if we're estranged  
Thirteen years and three kids later  
Don't they deserve a chance  
Think of what you're doing to them  
Did you think of this in advance  
She say's:  
How dare you use the kids like that  
Look what you've done to them  
No stability or security  
It's not me you should condemn  
For us to be happy  
Is the thing that they deserve  
To not live in this Hell we made  
The fighting they observe  
He say's:  
I can't go on like this  
My life I can't continue  
If you leave me I swear  
My carotid I will cut in two  
You are my life you see  
You are my whole existence  
I refuse to accept this fate  
Can't you hear my persistence  
She say's:  
You're being dramatic  
Put down the knife  
You won't really do it  
You won't end your life  
Why are you walking toward me  
You're making me nervous  
I'm calling the police  
Why can't I get any service  
He say's:  
You wanted to end this  
I'm doing what you asked  
I'll do you first then on to me  
I promise to make is fast  
Don't struggle my dear  
Oh please don't start to scream  
Who is being dramatic now  
Must it be this extreme  
She say's:  
I love you I love you  
I swear I do  
I'm sorry I'm sorry  
We can work this through  
You were right, I was wrong  
I don't know what I was thinking  
Let's talk tomorrow  
When neither of us have been drinking  
He say's:  
It's too late for you to beg  
I have already decided  
A deal with the devil  
The knife he provided  
You're lying on the floor  
There's way too much blood  
I can't believe I didn't know  
How much it would flood  
He say's:  
Stop making that sound  
Why are you choking  
What have I done  
Your clothes they are soaking  
Open up your eyes  
Why are they closing  
I can't hear you breathe  
Stop your fucking posing  
He say's:  
I can't believe I killed you  
I can't believe your dead  
What do I do now  
I am filled with so much dread  
I guess it's my turn now  
Wasn't that the deal  
It's the only way out  
For my heart to ever heal
Written by raorrick (Rachel O.)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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