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Revengeance of the NAT.

You lay down I get shut out,
Never let the word out.
You are going to drive to to the type of Violence
that don't discriminate, only want to incinerate
with my passion!
I got tons of love,
Everybody take my hate
while I sip on fate.
I hate that fucking taste.
Not looking so sublime
Truth is I've secretly dreamed about the end of time,
Subconsciously like all the time.
When I burn in Hell,
Reagan will tell me my skin was the crime,
as he rolls up a fucking dime.
Peace in pieces.

If I was a fool I'd be praying to Nigger Jesus,
All these scum crackers be praying Nigga Jesus.
"Oh Jesus, don't don't let these savage Niggers reach us".
Walk around,
to protect your neck you still  keeping me chained.
I want to be free too.
I want to be touched
so a nigga can scream Me too.

So fucking lonely.
That bitch made pop whore was singing my theme,
one less lonely figure!
Everyday the Orthodox remind me that my not being a screw ball makes me less than you all,
Sometimes I think he should've finished the job.
Let him live,
then my black ass could finish the job.
Then I'd be the heart throb.

My heart throbs,
reminiscing about cocaine blowjobs.
Was I trying to make my heart blow out.
Years ago,
a couple of thousand more fears ago.
When you ruled my life,
Bloody Pillows, served ass my cuddle buddy,

Death was my mistress,
A nigga was in distress.
Still in distress.
I'll never be equal, no matter how hard I push.
I've tried,
Even got muscles in my eyes.
From all them years of observing  and crying.
Wishing for the Death.

Of you.

My existence is a direct threat to your comfort, as some pasty face mad boy,
listening to too much sad boys.
Grabs one of mom or dads gats.
Let them rounds clap.
Whiles faces and the floor clap.
Lets get a falling ovation.
For the great angelic,white hope, and his pussy manifesto's.
If he kills a mosque full of brownies, Frazer Anning  will call him a hero.
With out calling him a hero,
while shitting on the dead.
If he kills a church full of NIggers,
He gets a go fund me and praised as a Messiah.

I want to return that favor,
As they day drink,
its their fucking day job.
Your Birth right.
Fuck your privilege,

A drum mag and good sight will make every one in the pub into fucking  Annie.

My Woody grows the more I think about avenging, and reaping for infinity.
Through the ringer,
I cry to you strangers.

As for the Mad men.
They are "mentally ill"  but my nigger ass is pure evil.
No excuses lets blame it on my fucking people.

I'm docile when I toke,
with out the Mary J,
I rather you choke.

You shut me out Mistress,
I'm in distress.
Let these motherfuckers get this.
Get mad ,
I get glad,
heavy bags,
by the thousands.
I'm wilding, but you would never tell by the way that I'm styling.

Twisted dreams from a wraith.

400 years and I still couldn't tell you my origin, culture, or significance.
Outside of chitlins, purple drink, and fucking rims.

For your corn beef,
Grape juice,
and the technological advancements that could only be achieved on the backs of the poor and weak.

I couldn't tell you who I really am.
I was named after the whitest of men.
A hero if we pretend.

Mass Murder is your nature and I am a student to your game.
When it comes to murder, rape, and lies you NIGGERS are the kings.

Give you a reason to shut me up.
I'm in fucking distress.
As i sit here angry and sober I can't help but feel this is the real me.
So i'll bask in my hatred because peace is fake,
If i am hate filled, I learned it from you.
Disdain, and revenge is my culture.
Over all my, culture is a nightmare created by the plantation overseer.
Tell me God was the judge,
Bubba the executioner.
My son working working your strip,
My wife sucking your dick,
while you make a eunuch out of papa,
daddy's stones was rollings,

Now  nigga's a rolling stone.
400 years and the overseer sent Sanger.
Nigga's living her dream.
Genocide for me.
Destabilized household,
Momma had to grow a dick while getting dicked down,
30 years later her son is in a cell getting dicked down.
This my culture,
captives, guinea pigs, and punching bags
When shit got real we were the iron maidens
target practice.
You killed nearly all the reds, and tagged along the blacks.
Then you had blacks killing blacks.
The south got reamed and the democrats were mad.
Political terrorist to this very fucking day.
From the birth  of the KKK to the end of Jim.
Now you cowards pretend,
It's clear now,
you were never my friends.
just your pawns.

Chess pieces.

I'm not fucking human,
And your eyes,
tell me what I want to hide,
then you speak and now its no surprise.

I just want to merc all the Bubba's and Bubbets
Catch you at a cracker barrel.
Put a cracker in a barrel.

Better than the sight of strange fruit.

Don't tell me to "forget" while you force feed me this holocaust shit.

White genocide shit,

Just desserts,

I fought hard for my right to speak,
so take it from me honey.

My distress is ill.
All the nigga's in my head
telling me to chill.




Humans aren't my kin folk,

just folks that I want to poke.

You could agree with me, I would have been better off not waking up from the overdose.

I'm in distress.

The drugs were my love,
making me a oblivious zombie.
Now I'm just demon, scheming,
laughing these yuppies dying.
Your turn.
Wait a minute?
Y'all get rehab?
No jail time?
What was the crack epidemic about?
Niggas were you,
but they got locked and shot.
What the hell is that about?

Addiction is a bitch
So good luck Niggas.

If I were in your shoes I'd be knocked but it is what it is.
You'll always be the victim.
You'll always the the kings,

List goes on forever.

Whats funny is you fuckers take up like 10 percent,
I need to reserve the real hate for some personal folks.
I get them before I get you.
No deep breaths,
You are still going to get got.

Written by Jonny212
Author's Note
It is what it is.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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