You make $15hr you should not be poor they say...

Excuse me if I offend anyone for what I am about to say

But it must be said,

I search for places daily that has a good school district and low crime rate. Of course, with my budget of $15hr plus change that limits the two most important things for me. You know where I am going with this...Some people are comfortable living in certain environments. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people. I cry myself to sleep every night because I work soo hard to even make what I'm making now and I still can't afford a decent apartment in a good school district. I'm drowning to afford my rent all because I want my son in a good school district. Thats not all, I apparently make enough money in a rich persons eyes, I just don't budget my money correctly!!!

Let me say, I have tried to budget. After paying bills, I have $20 to my name, I can try to save $5-10 of that, but hey I need gas too! Don't forget groceries...I also make too much to qualify for food stamps, which by the way I don't understand how. I have gone a couple pay checks without having enough to buy food for my son. I am blessed to have parents to help me, but they won't be here forever. Saving is just not possible for me.

Then you have people say, well Ola. You have caviar taste with a boiled egg budget. If wanting to give my son the best education opportunity possible means paying a little higher rent, mortgage what ever I have no problem with that. What I have a problem with is, having a college degree and only having $15 plus change to show for it. Loan still rising as I type, and I can't pay it! oh by the way I make too much to not pay anything less than $120 because that plus change of the $15 puts me in a higher tax bracket. Imagine that!!!

So they are basically telling me I must move to an area that has tried to break into my house twice, has drive bys a couple neighbors over, and liquor stores stead of grocery stores on every corner.

I want to be great, I want to successful. I thought a college degree would help, but I'm struggling. Even with it, I get told I need more experience and I would still start at entry level $15. I get it, I have officially been with my company 3yrs. I was promised so much, but all I have is plus change and $20 in my name.
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