See you soon.

I had been walking to and fro in the Earth. Sulking really.
So many years.
My talons had become dull, wings that haven't soared feel useless.

Lying dormant. Resting to the symphony of sins, a pathetic harmony from the lemmings above.
That's when I heard you. A higher tone, a deeper pain. A solitary song within the rhythm of usual sin.

You intrigued me. You gave me a desire to claw my way back to the realm of man. Dressing myself in flesh, I walked into your world.

At first I admired you from afar. Amused by your complete surrender to sin.
I smelled the toxicity of your blood, and the self loathing on your perspiration.
Contrary to what is believed, my kind are not all knowing. I brushed against your flesh to read your life.

Your pain was arousing.
A little girl locked in a closet of a broken home. A young woman trying to numb the pain with drugs. A seasoned woman giving herself to men in an attempt fuck away the rage. Still wrestling with guilt, but then again, you are human after all.

I'm not sure you knew, but you were falling in love with the darkness, crying out until I heard you. First hating the drugs, then loving what they released within you. Your addiction was to your true nature, not the drugs.

The sex.
Power, pain and pleasure. I must admit, I watched you many times giving yourself to lesser beings fumbling about your body like novices. On the occasions when you were able to reach orgasm your moans spoke to me in the ancient tongues.

The truth is you have become my addiction. The force that quickens me. A warmth to the cold of my eternal damnation. You are my drug now, my nymphetamine.

I'm coming for you, bearing the gift of eternity. You're already in love with me.
See you soon.
Written by PlaydateWithFire
Author's Note
For Nymphetamine comp.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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