Into The Woods

Away from the home a little girl roamed farther and farther she strayed.
Then in a rush she went deep in the brush until hopelessly losing her way.
Fighting her fear till shedding a tear she pondered a horrible fate.
She sat on the ground while looking around as it grew terribly late.
Among the timbering oak one gently spoke to the trembling child.
“Please have no fear, you’ll be safe with us here, sheltered from the wild.”
Shocked and surprised she doubted her eyes and her betraying ears.
Then one by one more trees joined in the fun to calm the little girls fears.
As it became dark glow bugs clung to the bark frogs and crickets started to sing.
Under the moon shine the trees kept perfect time with every windy branch swing.
She did not hesitate as she hungrily ate ripe nuts and sweet juicy fruit.
She no longer could keep away the urge to sleep she lay down on a soft root.
In the morning sunshine she woke feeling fine covered in a blanket of leaves.
Not wishing to go she let them all know she wanted to be among the tall trees.
She had no one to love and no friends to speak of, “please?” She beggingly prayed.
Twas an orphan they had so helpless and sad and just a little afraid.
“Are you willing to change no matter how strange?” Came a thundering voice.
“Think well sweet heart for the most difficult part shall involve your freedom of choice.”
She thought hard and long and knew here she belonged asking once again please.
She well understood to be a child of wood she needed to learn from the trees.
How quickly she’d hide far deep inside till she was like the tree’s ghost.
As time marked hidden rings she wished for nothing here she wanted the most.
If ever you are traveling in the woods far and you sense an unnatural stare.
What ever you feel may truly be real for close may be the dryad’s wood lair.
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