To Life: Breathe In Me

Color of my Summer
Sated with overwhelming dose of green, blue and white

Vibrant... radiant

Leaves in their branches
Sway ever so peacefully
In the rhythm of happy indifference

Have you ever took a glimpse of the sunlight... and by their thrilling spirit of life, seen such lifelessness within yourself?

In their system to live
To feel systemed within, instead of living
It seems that a conscious is unable to live as well as the trees... because the the system

Color of my soul, a muddy blue
(The color Iíd imagine what depression would be )
As if the soul is suffering on its last ray of light...

Enslaved in the body; dark, bottomless, a pit
(Reckon its irony when thereís no depression, sadness, nor lack of color)

Body temperature...lukewarm
Barely enough, the blood does flow
Tinted gray,tasteless, salted with sweat

Thus the flavors of life... what more to savor?
Just a leftover... sealed in tupperware

Can the trees see this lonely yearning?
Will they share their joyous hymn, and weave it into my soul

to add fragrance into my smile
 to heat what my soul dwells in...just a container

Oh trees, though Iím dispirited, please see within me... the potential of another lively spirit

A forest, yet they fail to breed another life ...

Written by SourMelon0313 (H)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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