Stuck my dick into the earth and gave the earth a flip flop
Now look back at your globe and see who's really on top
How do you know that down really isn't up
History has proven that ancient navigators were easily corrupted

Why is it that ancient mariners and scribes used up when down was described
It was after the fifteen hundreds that directions collide
How do you discover some place with people already living there
How do you ask for some and then forcefully take the larger share

To run around telling everyone that you are being fair
And for them to agree means that they are truly unaware
I stood in the darkness watching and had no doubt
Forces were at work, Demons were about

These were not the kind of the spiritual realm
These were humans thinking that they are better than them
They truly believe that everything of value should belong to them
Civilizations upon civilizations destroyed for gold or gems

Shiny things designed after being criminally mined
Processed, cut, and buffed so their shine messes with our minds
Diamonds and gold are stolen for value, but for paper you sign on the line
Continuing their criminal empire simply by not using your minds

To participate in this system of blood diamonds and gold
Is just like you helped the ones who stole
The invaders that devised a system totally to benefit themselves
Placing the native in the basement while they lived high on shelves

All good lands along with resources were stolen
The natives continually starving while the invaders accounts are swollen
The natives have became no more than test subjects for bio warfare
Diseases created around the world and then transported there

Unleashed upon the natives figuring their lives are easily spared
Death squad sent for anyone that dared
Buck the system or their living conditions
Tin shacks in Shanty town with piss and shit running down the streets is the condition

The natives of the Americas have lived through these facts
They lost two fucking continents and ended up on reservation tracts
The Dawes Roll came out and the five dollar invaders stole their restitution
No one complained because the roll was just and illusion

Great powers around the world has to much to loose
They are also profiting from these crimes but you can't see the clues
Why don't the most powerful of the powerful stand the fuck up
Because if they see any natives weaker they are ready to jack their ass up

"Give us this shit, hell yeah we'll take that
Some diamonds for Ebola and AIDS with no change due back"
Whole civilizations wiped out, they never made the Dawes Roll
Impostors impersonating still if the truth be told

This shit has been taken to a whole different level
It's now proven history is his story, a tool of the devil
Heritage and identities stolen to continually increase their wealth
The invaders are the government and they are all about self


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