File of Sin Eaters

Spread thy deuterium wands upon the glass
we both have gathered many grays    
the gold of the ancients still tug you back
held firmly, we remember the touchstones   
one by eye, two by mind we meld within   
were worlds welded despite fractures in time   
Woe with ritualistic meals we share the pain  
collecting cost spread betwixt conclave   
none say, none know , which sin is delivered  
shadows of the past coat over ghost-like from the veil   
meats of flesh brought torn as delicacy  
juice runs salted down the bent arm  
I remember he did, once in that old town  
Was it sin that brought his smile down low  
to that I will never know  
as the rifle goes off without hitch  
forward, file like in ordinary number  
no that wasn't ever true  
but here humbled and all packed up  
the dish is on with a glance to the sides  
Poppy sits empty, forlorn and hungry  
not once has he forgotten their youth  
the ties held bonded by blood  
forged by the first times and the last  
kin is time, well within familiar absolutes   
the only question is will he see him again   
Author's Note
A Great Thank You To Missy, for Her Beautiful and Wonderful Energies!!!
What Perfect delivery, in emotion and depth.
To capture what was heard and felt from my head/heart ...well that's magic to me.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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