Tethered By The Mind

Arriving moments early,
to satisfy their nature's calling
they can't evade the chemistry
and neither one is stalling

The candle glow of her spirit world
is a cathedral for the senses,
and tonight she plans to exact revenge
and hand him down his sentence

Her massive bed draws his eye
but tonight he must obey
agreeing to her firmest rules
is a part he's sworn to play

Plied with wine and feeling fine,
she is loosening his clothes
to his face, a healthy smack
into his lap, to get real close

She feels him digging into her,
so easy to be caught
hand reaching for her long black hair
a habit she will stop

She's had enough and with a forceful tug
yanks him to her buxom mattress,
he hears a click, and as the seconds tick
he's affixed to this new address

A blinking light, to his other right
captures his attention
she strips him bare and in a campy glare,
"Are you ready for your detention?

"What is that?"
he mentions the fact,
of the camera in the corner
She shoots right back,
her control intact
"You afraid they'll see your boner?"

She hikes her dress,
(...even I'm impressed)
smooth brown in purple teddy;
she sees him shift
and sniff a hungry whiff
in a blast of gold confetti

Explains the fun,
she holds a novelty gun
got the aim
on his hard package,
can't suppress her grin
once he is fully pinned
she's been feeling rather savage

Creeping close,
she even has some rope
to bind his ankles in position,
by naked thigh
a quick yank and tie
to restrict his other mission

Crawling up,
with a little luck
she might graze against the pressure
but his helpless face,
needs a little grace
and she's been waiting for this pleasure

Her slit to mouth,
her unblemished south
upper lip against her clit
tip to tongue
a shot of honey cum
defense limited
to only lick

A creamy roll,
in the amber flow
but then she's taking it away
with tits pushed in
you'd never see his grin
but to the cock
she wants to play

A healthy gob,
spat on his bulbous knob
and a lather to the base
tightened clutch,
a little down and up
and then partaking of a taste

Puckered mouth
pulling in and out
between the remnants of a lecture,
he's good and taut,
she's got another thought
and she's digging in the dresser

He's feels something cool,
another captor's tool
pulled along his thick erection,
slips the ring,
along his plumped up thing
pointed straight in her direction

Rubs his dick
along the pinkest split
and turns to feed her craving,
swallowed fast,
he sees her runner's ass
and the way she's misbehaving

The rise and fall,
riding tip to balls
and hearing, "now you get corrected"
inside the hive,
of the slickest drive
a quick spasm is detected

The pot it spills,
to the shooting thrills
he'll be obsessed inside her rhythm,
this complete control
when will she let it go,
it's not the time
for that decision.

Written by Tenderloin
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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