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It's glad to see a soul like you turn 18..  
It's at the same time sad to see a soul like you loosing the young look..  
Years come and go..  
Moments come and go..  
This time came when I met a soul like you..  
Yet in the first place..  
Never had I at any time thought I would ever meet a soul like you..  
But it's sad that i can't spend the rest of my life enjoying your company..  

There are some people who I can just be with...  
Never say a word..  
And then walk away feeling like it's the best conversation I've ever had..  
And trust me,such people are very rare..  
To make it worse,  
When such people don't realize how much I treasure them...  
Among those you are..  
Besides my siblings...  
You are one that I more less adore like my mum..  
Neither words nor actions can best describe my real feelings for you..  
But only God who knows my inner me..  
Can be my only witness...  

I wish I knew you from childhood..  
Most probably from day one..  
When your mum delivered a soul like you..  
Into this crazy world..  
When you were still that innocent young baby angel..  
So,I can look back and remember the young you..  
Before you became a teen..  
And currently look at the grown up you in your teenage years..  
It's may be then that I would be proud..  
And fully celebrate having been at sight..  
Seeing you rise from roots to shoots..  
I met you at a later age....  
Not knowing the real you..  
Neither you knowing the real me..  
None of us knew the past of the other..  
But just judging each other by what we saw..  
Anyway,since none of us ever had it in plan for meeting each other..  
It was just meant to be..  
That I meet a soul like you..  
And from nowhere treasure her beyond limits..  
The moments I spend with you..  
Though once in a while..  
Stick into my mind for a life time..  
I swear to God that you are one of a kind..  
That spending time with makes the scenario heaven on earth..  
You're one of a kind that I can never feel insecure telling a secret to..  
How I wish the same applied to you..  
But it's so unfortunate that it a'int the case..  
Allow me phase it like this..  
I don't know the number of years you are left with in this crazy world..  
Neither do I know the number of years I'm left with..  
But all I know is you've got bigger dreams about your entire life..  
I know sometimes the world will seem unfair..  
Treating you bad...  
Yet in the first place an innocent soul like you..  
Doesn't deserve being treated in such a way..  
Those moments when you feel like you've got no one to lean on..  
Feeling like cursing the day you were born..  
The only piece of advice I can give to you more so in such moments is..  
Always go onto your knees and pray..  
Believing that such moments are just passing by..  
More so,have trust worthy people you can lean on not only in happy moments..  
But especially when life becomes a puzzle..  
And always keep a positive vibe..  
Regardless of how life may seem unfair..  
It's only then that you will make it through with little or no regrets left behind..  
Happy birth day...  
I can't easily spot what you love most..  
Coz even beyond what you think you love most..  
There is always something you can love more than it...  
You deserve more than just worldly pleasures..  
All i can say is...  
I'm always and will always be that guy that owes you a rose for every breath you take...  
Never mind leaning on me in case you need a hand..  
All I can promise is..  
Regardless of how apart life may separate us..  
I'm that guy that is always and will forever always be on his knees on your behalf...  
And trust me or not..  
I believe God will answer my sincere prayers..  
The best thing that can ever please me..  
More so about you..  
Is seeing you being very successful beyond limits..  
Wish you the bestest....  
My sincere request is..  
Among those few friends that you treasure...  
And can trust without being insecure...  
The few ones that you can share your secrets,pain,sorrows and joy with...  
The ones that you can lean on in case you need a hand..  
Please let me join the list....  
And trust me..  
You will never regret having me as a life time friend..  
Let moments never take us apart...  
Let distance never erase the memories..  
Let you have a portion of yourself occupied by a portion of me..  
Till death tweets...  
Live your entire life like the Ruth I know..  
Never let the world change or duplicate you..  
Let God take control..  
Then just stay an original..  
Be yourself..  
Stay low key...  
Self disciplined..  
Self focused and consistent..  
Simple and down to earth..  
Cute melanin beautified..  
Beautiful black child..  
Stay shading your black clouds..  
Bloodline from Burundi..  
Blow more...  
Achieve more..  
Live to please your family and well wishers..  
And more so prove your enemies wrong....  
With God on your side...  
Accompanied by your family..  
Relatives,friends and well wishers...  
And not forgetting your enemies..  
Coz they are always there regardless of how real you may be..  
Trust me..  
You will make it...  
More so with a guy like "de hustla"..  
Who treasures you beyond limits...  
And never ceases going onto his knees on your behalf...  
If I was to write..  
Words would be endless...  
Let me end it like this..  
Reagan wishes you the best..  
Reagan treasures you..  
Reagan respects you..  
Reagan loves you..  
Reagan adores you..  
Reagan prays for you...  
Only God knows..  
Wish you the best of all...  
Grow up mentally,physically,financially,socially,mention them..  
But especially..  
Grow up spiritually...  
Love you...  
How I wish we live to achieve more than we can believe..  
And live to see each other in our late years...  
Till death tweets..  
I remain that one guy...  
"reagan de hustla"  
Blow more..  
Achieve more...  
Dedicated to: ISHIKANWA RUTH  
Written by; Musore Reagan
Written by MUSOREREAGAN (_reagan_de_hustla)
Published | Edited 3rd Oct 2019
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