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The Rush

Oh baby, I’m so honry, baby do me a favor, make love to me, you know I would not inbox you to ask if I did not mean it, need it    
Make this pussy cum for you, and only you, I have been thinking about you all day long, and the thoughts I have created in my mind of you fucking me from behind, taking my body hostage under yours, my legs spreading for you, my ass, for you to please, arms sprawled over my desk… baby, I’m hot and flustered here, and I left my dildo in my car, yeah move my thong aside, mmm wet a finger and snake it deep inside my wetness, in and out, one hand squeezing a breast through my silk blouse, lifting it out my skirt, raising my bra, massaging my nipples, mmm… oh yes, dipping your finger deep, wiggling it for that feening sensation, you know drives me over the edge…      
God that feel so good baby, I can’t lie      
My nipples are standing in attention, craving for your hot mouth, making the tips glisten, as you tease them, your lips pulling on the soft buds, my cunt keeps pulsating for you, needing you to lick me, no shame in wrapping my bare legs around your neck, mmm…you kissing my inner thigh, a little teasing lick up my inner thigh….Oh God, go farther, please I need you, God I do…sss, oh yes, that’s right, move my thong aside, stick your two fingers inside me…no…no go deeper, while I move, gripping the back of my chair.. baby…. you got me panting... damn you… taking them out, long enough to taste me, smearing my juices to my inner thigh and licking over the clear essence of me.      
Hiking my skirt up, kissing my pelvis mound, the saturation stain barricading my pussy you lick over, lifting my buttocks…oh fuck…you sliding down my thong down to my ankles …ooo…wee….lifting my skirt even higher…gapping my legs, you catching the glaze of lust overshadowing my eyes, taste me, baby, I’ve been missing this from you.. I cannot get this from any poet, only your tongue…. My pleas echoing throughout my office, as you kiss over my jeweled navel, pushing your head downward to my pussy hole, you stifling my hands at my side, vengeance in each tongue lash to my clit... baby taste me, dammit please… my head bobbling against the back of my leather chair, bucking your face… the tip of your tongue swapping over my clit, tightening the hold to my arms, as you spit then suckle my clit. Eyes closing floating with the sexual dominance of your tongue, pampering the calling of my uncontrolled lust for you, all  those racy pics I send you, your naughty responses…got me, it keeps me, on the edge of mental fucking you…oh yea… oh yeah baby ….feeling the nastiness in each spit drip to my clit.      
Oh yes lick this sweet pussy, I’ve been waiting to get you alone, loving your soft kisses to the lips of my clit… Oh baby…oh… arching my back knowing the freaky things you do to me, gets my heart racing… lifting a stiletto, taking one side of my thong off following the other, smelling the secretions of my lust, tossing the lacy garment across my office... touch me... send me, I ache for you…. oh…yes…. take off that suit jacket, I need to cum and I need to cum now… Oh God I love you when you’re on your knees, between my thighs. Watching you unzip your pants, freeing your erection, through the slit of your briefs, pumping your length, leaning inward, your tongue circling my clit, stirring a famished emotion long overdue for some private gratification.      
Kisses to my inner thigh, standing, wrapping my hand around your girth. God you look so handsome when you’re aroused, kissing the tip of your dick, smearing the tip over my top and bottom lip, the taste of your pre-cum, coating my lips, you reaching downward, lifting me up under my arms, my legs encircling your lower back, turning around, laying me upon the smooth surface of my desk, leaning downward unbuttoning my silk blouse, popping the remaining two buttons in haste, lifted my bra higher over the mounds of my breasts, palming the peaks, mouthing a nipple, reaching my hand downward, cupping your girth, seesawing the tip up and down my moisten opening... gaping my legs wider, your hand covering mine inserting the tip inside me.. sss, oh fuck that is what I’ve been waiting for, ripping his skirt open to kiss his hairy chest wall, slamming his erection deep inside me, holding the edge of the desk, wrapping my legs around you… Oh…baby...yes…don’t…      
Someone knocking on the door, I put my finger up to my mouth, asking who is it, one of my staff nurse... are you kidding me, I’m at lunch, and his dick is refusing to calm its throbbing impending purpose. Talking incoherently and softly fucking…. palming my desk, his head dropping backwards, self-controlling his loud grunts, my pussy pulsating, yanking his dick out, stooping on his knees, lifting my legs over his shoulders, diving his tongue deep inside me… trying at best to stifle my moans, he palming my derrière  uplifting my buttons, Oh…God thank you… palming his head, the cresting of my cunt I feel, the pulsating, my pussy walls caving…… locking his face against my inner thighs… oh baby… the back of my head, massaging the surface of my desk, climaxing all over his mouth, he gripped my ass tighter, feeling the balls of his nails indenting my skin behind each head twist of him licking my clit, suckling my climax down his throat, my body still shuddering, giving way to that all time euphoric high, the feeling had my mind half dazed from the rush, heart racing, mmm… soothing my clit with my fingers getting hot again as the tip of his tongue pampering the back of my fingers, you kissing my clit, burying your nostrils in my drizzling pussy juices, now making pools on my deck… holding his head in place from the sensitivity of his tongue strokes, the stream of wetness still trickling from my pussy…      
I thought you locked the door…the next time, a hotel room
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 2nd Oct 2019
Author's Note
This could be you.... mmm... in the sweetest dedication for that afternoon feening rush you provide....

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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