Pimp Syl

There has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that a chicken shit bitch would not help you out.

Before I was pimpin, just messin around, I was stealing and fucking everything that was not nailed down.

Til I met this one bitch who was down on her luck, so I took the bitch and I dressed her up.

To prove her appreciation she start turning tricks, first night out she turned 26.

She was making good money but that wasn't enough, so I got me a connection and start dealing that STUFF.

A couple of nights that hoe didn't show, another pimp in the county hip me to some things I didn't know.

I went to court the other day, she was there by the way

She say,"Ohh Syl I come to to plead and cry."
I say, "Noo you lying bitch, you come to testify."

Judge passed my sentence she damn near smile. She said, "Oh i know you'll be gone for a whole."

So I went to my cell and things got a little better then up walk this bull with this one page letter and it read, "Dear Syl, things on the streets are getting mighty tight but I'm eating fried chicken and fuckin every night; may my heart be made of iron and my soul made of brass but this is a formal invitation for you to kiss my motherfukin ass." Signed Clarbel...

Then I wrote I back, "Dear Bitch, I got your letter and it sure was cold but there's some thangs I want yo black ass to know; may corns big as apples grow on your big ass feet and may crabs big as crocodiles grow up your big ass to eat and may my heart be made of iron and my soul made of brass but this is a formal invitation for you to LICK my muthafuckin ass." Signed Pimp Syl...
Written by Chris_Pleasures (Chris Pleasures)
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