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professor wager pt. 1

“hello everyone!”  
a booming voice enters the lecture hall.  
“my name is professor...”  
-i had just sat down moments before he walked in and oh my...
he is gorgeous!
i guess it was heaven sent i was late to class this morning.  
i had no choice but to sit in the front row-  
“...has the flu and will be out for the next week so i will be stepping in.”  
he pauses.
looks at me and smiles.
“you’re late miss... ?”
pond! but you can call me penelope.
“perfect! you get to stay after class a few extra minutes since you were late!”  
usually i would retort back with, “you were later than me!”
but a few minutes alone with him?  
i’ll take it!  
he’s a pacer.  
he walks back and forth across the lecture hall when he speaks.  
i can’t help but notice his muscles through his shirt.  
and are those tattoos?  
his hair so curly and-
i haven’t taken any notes.  
at least not on the subject taught in class today.  
the lecture is finally over and everyone races off to their next class for the day.  
i on the other hand have no where to be.
i’m still sitting in my same spot.  
he’s now sitting at his desk, staring at my breasts unapologetically.  
“why were you late?” he asks finally.  
why were you?” i reply with a grin.  
he laughs. “don’t answer my question with a question.”
i walk over to him as he sits in his office chair, he faces it to me instead of his desk.  
i place my hands on both arm rests of the chair.
he has his hands intertwined together in his lap.  
i bend down so we’re eye level.  
he’s looking down my shirt.  
i look down and see his massive bulge resting on his inner thigh begging to be unleashed.  
“do i turn you on professor?” i ask tilting my head to the side with a grin.  
i take one of my hands and place it on his knee, slowing sliding it up to his huge cock...
it grows bigger.  
do you need help with that?” i ask.  
he smiles and grabs my hand and puts it on top, guiding my hand in the motion he likes his cock rubbed.  
i caress it, remaining eye contact.  
he’s stoic.  
i turn around, making sure my ass is in his face and swipe his pen off his desk.  
oops!” i say as i slowly bend down to pick it up.  
he grabs a handful.
massaging it.
fondling it.
squeezing it.  
slapping it.  
i start to giggle.
“what?” he stops suddenly.
“i think my few minutes are up.”
i grab my things and walk out the door.  
the next day, i’m on time.
to make sure i get the seat i want.  
front row, towards the middle.  
i’m excited...
and nervous.  
he walks in, also on time...  
“hello everyone!”  
he tries not to look in my direction but i know he sees.  
-wait until class starts- i think to myself.
he starts the beginning of the lecture pacing back and forth.  
i cough to get his attention.
then i cross my legs and sit to the side.  
my skirt is short enough to show the curvaceous side of my bottom.  
he takes notice.  
-now that i have your attention-
i adjust my seating position so i can open my legs up for him to see my lady parts.  
no panties.  
he almost chokes on his water.  
he gives the rest of the lecture sitting behind his desk
where i sit in front in perfect view for him to see.
and he loves it. be continued.
Written by penelopepond (penepond)
Published | Edited 4th Oct 2019
Author's Note
one of my favorite fantasies to write and dream about!
are you ready for part 2? ;)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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