howling at the moon

long have been nights
of late
once filled with sultry sounds
passionate whimpers
and deep throated moans
itís painful how silent theyíve suddenly grown
when evening falls
and the house is still
I think of him
my fingers unconsciously seeking his aura
not to possess, you understand
a lingering caress
in simple remembrance
have you ever loved a ghost?
felt its essence sinking
within the well of your own
igniting hidden erogenous zones
your tongue thirstily lapping
what isnít even there
and never getting any air
it aches
youíre lost
canít even think
feeling your heartbeat in that molten place
where his spirit presses
with an overwhelming sense of thickening solidity
relentlessly tunneling
it was in such moments I settled myself
in the reclining embrace of comfy chair
head tipped back
legs draped over arms
spread wide
hair wild
and with practiced touch
I sought relief
holding steady at desperationís apex
Iíd circle & grind
the need in me controlling
each rock & shift of my hips
shallow though pressure would rest
I could not allow any depth
being over-full
for he was already present
filling me
as I rode the high
of temporary relief
until the internal howl would subside
but last nightÖ
for the first time
control & tempo were all mine
as I deliberately sought that place
once deemed sacred space
I went alone
and in my own name
what once was gifted
and I wonder if he felt it
the haunting
as the rapture devoured my breath
his name convulsively whispered
an amen
last word of the final invocation
a single bead descending my cheek
so full of memories
I could taste them
channeling all my energy
into release
of my beloved ghost
and me

Written by FromTheAsh
Author's Note
Copyright © 2019 FromTheAsh. All Rights Reserved
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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