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“serendipity coffee co.”          
cliche, but it will do.                
starbucks is full              
and overpriced...              
i like tea anyway, and this yelp review says 4 out of 5 stars for their tea as well as their coffee.              
i walk in already having in mind what i want.                
a london fog for me with a pump of honey.              
“a name for the order?”                
i look around the room for an open seat,              
but only a few left.                
then i see you.                
curly, dark brown hair               
honey, golden eyes            
olive, tan skin.                
we make eye contact for a moment and you smile.              
that perfect    
sexy smile..              
almost as if you were summoning me...              
i take a step in your direction..                
“PENELOPE! your order is ready.”              
i snap out of it.              
i grab my london fog and move over to add sugar to my tea.                
i look down..              
my nipples are hard.                
although it’s a sweater dress    
the fabric isn’t thick enough to hide these gals.                
why didn’t i wear a bra today?                
something told me not to.                
i turn around and all spots are taken except for the one..    
next to you.      
i take a deep breath.              
just another gorgeous man, no need to get excited.    
- but he was smiling at you
my inner voice says.          
i sit down with my tea and book.                
wow, this place just got smaller.              
i definitely misjudged how close this chair would be to him.           
i open up my book            
and i start to read          
i pay him no mind..      
i’m about a chapter in when he speaks,                
“i can’t help but notice your beauty.”              
i take a second to respond, pretending to be finishing up my paragraph.         
i look up and tell him, “but i am in awe of yours. penelope.” i stick out my hand as if to be shaken, instead he gently turns it to kiss my fingers while still remaining eye contact.                
my nipples deceive me yet again.                
but i’m not upset.              
a part of me wants him to notice.              
so i turn to him and ask, “and your name?”                
he tells me.                
and i’m instantly dripping wet    
thinking about screaming his name    
in the family restroom    
40ft away..                
“are you cold?” he asks.                
my face gets red and hot promptly.              
“why do you ask?” hoping he’ll say, “because i can see your nipples getting hard. i want to suck on them and fuck you until your legs are shaking.”              
but instead he says, “it smells like you’re drinking a london fog. am i right?”              
you are!” i say- and so handsome.                
i lightly place my hand on his knee and ask if he’d like a taste.                
i really meant of me, but i pick up the tea instead to cover my ass in case he doesn’t feel this    
desire and
sexual tension between us.                
his face grows dark    
and at that moment i realize    
he does...             
he smiles a devilish grin.                
he places his hand on my thigh    
his thumb resting on the inner part of it.              
i slowly move my hand up his thigh in response.                
i can feel his warmth.                
he picks up my tea cup and as he raises it up to his lips to taste...          
he slides his other hand up my dress.              
i take in a sharp breath..                
i guess i didn’t wear panties either...                
he slips in one finger         
then two  
tapping his fingers upward    
while he rubs my clit slowly with his thumb.                
how is it?” i ask    
almost out of breath.                
he smiles and leans toward me to whisper in my ear...              
“i want you to go into that restroom over there...”          
-starts flicking my clit-          
“...and wait for me on the sink          
legs wide open...”          
-he switches to a circular motion-        
it feels so good    
i’m about to pass out from the pleasure...
“...pussy dripping wet on the counter for me. do you remember my name?”                
i nod.                
“good.” he smiles and pulls out his fingers.              
“i want to hear you moan it.”              
he puts both fingers in his mouth as if he just finished devouring a sweet treat.              
i grab all my things and walk to the restroom.
almost an impossible task  
for i am on the verge of cumming.                
right before i open the door  
i take one last look in his direction.                
he has a look in his eyes as if i were his prey.    
licking his lips  
running his fingers through his hair  
he too grabs his things    
and walks in my direction.
Written by penelopepond (penepond)
Published | Edited 4th Oct 2019
Author's Note
i actually wrote this about a gorgeous man i was sitting next to in a starbucks and was desperately hoping this would happen!
i hope you enjoy! 🖤
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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