Poetry in the dark

 Born, in love with dark corners and the tales that recluse within them, is where you can hear the scratching on raped paper by eager's pen. Charcoal words with raven wings darken the skies above poetic minds. These words flocking and landing onto singed paper with embered edges is where you will find... the nestling of the worlds fears and shatters, written of rumors and their avoided kinds.

Romancing the mysteries found in loss and farewells of the living and the dead, heard in promises kept and broken, felt in pain, tasted in tears, Wrapped in black paper and ribbons of blood red. The dark ones have the ability to dissect the darkness and release justice imprisoned within intended cages. We fight for both sides in this realm, we are many mentalities only met after the silence is broken, with cold breaths shouted onto unforgiving pages. Healing must be bold and grip the sword whose voice is heard amongst the battlefield of the war it wages. We survive victoriously from centuries of raw genius inherited from our dark fathers and mothers whose instructions they leave behind, through the telling of poetic ages.

​Attracted are we to secrets and distortions of the truth by false tongue and sin. Hide as some may, still the poet will see past it's borrowed veil and naked... where guilty hands have truly been. A confidante to all dark poets is the moon with it's casting of shadows and lights that inspire. A darkened rainbow painted of black and grays seen only in the night, landing on fogged ground, tattling on the world from the greatest of heights, where sits the listening poet.... in their elements of comfort and beside them, their black beast and dark writes.

A dark trinity, wedded of man, words and darkness vowed as one. So rare and unique is this union of what only an esoteric few are able to comprehend. Seen in all creation, existing in everything... a poem is gifted be it you, be it I, be it foe or friend. With seductive dance, this dark marriage is consummated in rhythms, rhymes, quatrains, lyrics, verses and written decree. From such a love is born a child, we poets protect and nurture, who we have lovingly named.... Poetry.
Written by Darkpoetria (DarkOakPoetry)
Author's Note
This is a morsel I wrote as to define my own and personal take of what dark poetry means to my poet self...
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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