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Does This Fit?

Iím not a small girl so itís not always easy to find my size, but this dress on the rack I just found is so sexy and gave me a high rise. Heís watching me search but somehow my eyes never noticed, I donít think heís a manger but he managed to catch me on every aisle asking if there was anything he could help me find, slowly approaching as if he was nervous to ask; kindly brushing against me from behind.
No thank you but I think Iíll just try this on right here, so a dressing room for 1 he asks...hand extended, here is the key my dear. I grab this bomb ass dress then go inside closing the door behind me, slipping off my pants then my shirt staring in the mirror admiring my own body, dress removed from the hanger letís see how it fits, ascending beyond my hips thatís a great sign I might actually have to buy this shit.
Up up up past my stomach and my breasts, added onto my shoulders and now for the final test...dammit I forgot the zipper is in the back, now how am I going to reach so I can seal this up or determine if this needs to go back on the rack? ďKnock knock hey you ok in there? Let me know if you need anythingĒ wow heís persistent or maybe he just takes customer service to the next level, uhhh yes would you mind zipping up my dress, this thing is giving me hell I think it was made by the devil.
I moved out the way to let him in the room, he gives it a slight tug but my protruding ass wonít let this dress be great I assume. Finally after a little wiggle and jiggle with some reposition he gets the zipper up and it fits like a dream, I canít help but notice him noticing me in the mirror; eyes pointed on my curves like laserbeams.
Before I could turn around and get his opinion on how it looks while thanking him for his guided hands, he pushes my face against the glass lifts my dress burying his face inside my contraband, lifting my pussy onto his warm mouth I think his tongue needed a price check, making my legs fold trying not to rip this dress that I havenít even paid for because that would be a wreck.
He spreads my legs like a patdown as if searching for stolen merchandise, then I feel his rock solid dick squeeze into my tight hole knowing that if we got caught heíd lose his job and I would be his sacrifice.
Written by Calligraphee
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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