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My Hero

 “Whenever I came home shit never seemed right
Furniture slightly moved and my bedroom window open every night,
 “This wasn’t a friendly, but crime riddled neighborhood
As the bitches, thieves and dopeheads were always up to no good,

 “Came home early, caught him balls deep in my girl’s ass
Tried to fuck him up, but he was too fast,
 “Every attack I attempted he just evaded
One hitter quitter to my ass-then back up in her he invaded,

 “Bought some black market kryptonite-oh shit wrong fucking superhero
Once again I got fucked up and turned into a unconscious zero,
 “There was no way to win, because I had no super skill
I sought the help of a super power to put his ass on permanent chill,

 “Made a deal with Carnage and Venom
Those punk motherfuckas couldn’t even get with em’,
 “Went to the Baxter Building to see the Fantastic Four
But Ben Grimm said get the fuck away from our door,

 “Was telepathically advised by Professor X just let a ho’ be a ho’
When I traveled to Graymalkin Lane home of the X-Men and Magneto,
  “Even went to the Avenger’s mansion
The look I got from Captain America-that shit wasn’t happenin,

 “Ask Dr. Strange could he do anything at all
He said no and showed me a sight within his crystal ball,
“While I was hitting dead ends across town
Spiderman was web slinging my girl’s pussy down,

 “Having her hanging upside down over our bed
As she gave head then got Peter Parker dick feed,
 “From the window to the wall, to the motherfuckin door
Only her orgasm juices and drool touched the floor,

 “Causing her clit to tingle like his spidey sense
Because he treated her sex like a criminal bitch,
 “No smooth lovin, straight pussy wall crawling rough
And motherfuckin raw dog, filling her womb with sticky nut,

 “Seeking the services of the Sinister Six
Just like me they were tired of Spiderman’s shit,
 “The plan was to kill the motherfucka dead
But I gave them a more twisted revenge instead,

 “Since his swinging ass was the focused enemy
We utilized our resources and discovered his secret identity,
 “Doctor Octopus, Kraven, Mysterio, Sandman, Vulture and Electro
Kidnapped his Aunt May and gangbanged her like a two-dollar ho’.

 “They did the same to Mary Jane, and got her so high off cocaine
She walked asshole backwards within the path of a moving train,
 “During each show the revenge was put on video
And UPS to his home labeled with love for my hero”.
Written by CasketSharpe
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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