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Sleeping Beauty's fucked up fairy tale

Barren, was a queen who cried and cried. Rescued a talking fish at the eves riverside. A voice spoken into Royal ears replied...
"Hush now my good queen in deed, you have entertained a dark angel unawares when you saw the need. I shall in return fill your empty belly with a single female seed, but you must here and now denounce your longtime and most faithful christian creed."

Nine months had passed and the unsaved queen arose. In her arms a mother she is, cradling the child over salvation of which she chose. The fathered king in proud wine and dance gave invite for them and those, for all to welcome their sweetest and only child princess...
the lovely Briar Rose.

The castle filled with all but one....
Music halted for her, who was shunned, as she uninvitedly entered with the darkness that everyday covered the sun.

She was witchcraft in the flesh! So devastating.... she was more than the rest, even the Kings married Cock once begged from her, his favorite pony peg sesh.

"Uninvited am I?.... a bad choice for the tiny one's sake!"
Yet being once the 13th fairy of tales, a blessing from me you must take.
Let all happily invited, hear my blessed curse and
celebrated decree.
On her 15th birthday when men sniffs her heat of ready made puberty... is when she will tire her unasked for and unfortunate vanity. Upon a spindles wheel a splinter inevitably... will force her into deep sleep awakened only the very minute he.... "Uninvitedly"... takes her unguarded and most desired virginity!"....

(cackles trailing off afar)

A child she was, her body and gracious curves in full bloom, accessorized with a face of perfected temptation causing all men to wish and stare. Touching themselves in dark corners, losing there minds, but none would even come near to take on king daddys dare.
She knows all to well, her affect she has on men wearing gold rings and their vowed promises gone rotten. Recalling her plays on king daddy's soggy lap, in grunts and groans, eyes closed, as his daughter's titles forgotten......

And so it happened that a hundred years had come to pass. Many suitors, eagerly young and desperately old, attempted and died, trying to wake the legendary sleeping lass.

That gardened tomb and thorned fortress gave up its long held fight. Then allowed its first prince to enter with ease in the mid of night.
In ruins she lay asleep, as the moon finds no success wakened beneath its mighty light and the castles ghosts go unheard in shouted warnings of her approaching plight.
As he says....

"A prince of nobility and respected upbringing I am raised to reenact."

(Dress is lifted above her waist)

"But first due me the pardon, of the gentleman and self control I preferrably choose to lack..."

(Buttons ripped exposing perfected mounds)

"In company with me for this special occassion, are minted toys and blades voraciously plotted in my well travelled sack."

(Legs spread revealing virginitys doors)

"Allow me to introduce them to your expressionless body in the most disturbing and unspoken of ways, for which I have a knack."

(Naked he sits on her belly opening her mouth wide)

Lay there motionless and ever so quietly for me...your most hardened degrader and Necrophiliac."
Written by Darkpoetria (DarkOakPoetry)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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