honest critique can be an oxymoron
it's sometimes an excuse used by the egotistical
to be as harsh as they want, sparing no feelings
bearing no responsibility when destroying writers
these consider themselves as the elite but not so
the do not care who they hurt or how they hurt them
they point the finger and laugh at writers they see as peasants
they find their peers wanting in all areas because they have to
in their lust for power over others, they will stop at nothing
there is not a place they won't go in fact the lower the better
they assassinate, they gossip, they prime others to think their thoughts
these people are the poisoners of many wells and always aim personally
they collect "friends" as a hobby, but what happens if you dare question
firstly there is the lambasting, secondly the abuse, lastly the harassment
hate-filled narcissists by their very nature are incapable of any critique
that doesn't involve the destruction of the poet unless of course they
are part of this sycophantic clique, who bow and scrape to their masters
all forms of writing have these people around - they are called critics

but there is a better way
treat all writers in a community as equals
when critiques are requested, gently does it
firstly use encouragement and be empathetic
concentrate on the positive things of the piece
make respectful suggestions on possible changes
always deliver critique with a kind and humble heart
listen, really listen as the poet might know something
you don't that is true of any poet despite education
never discourage, give poets the best of your knowledge
be humble enough to accept the poet's right to choose
on any suggestion you make It must be their vioce,
words and their intent is paramount above all things

this is the way critique should be in a public forum
so-called honest critiques should be done in private
there are new or nervous people able to view them
some will leave as a result, some won't ever post
this is an avoidable loss and should be a source of
sadness and guilt for all members baring grudges
these fight and flames are seen in public sadly
maybe we shouldn't pick fights, maybe we shouldn't retaliate
maybe we should resolve our differences or just keep away
maybe we shouldn't target people regardless of history

I write this as a plea
to reinstall peace to the site
to not seek to inflame
to only do what is positive for the site
to promote DU and what it could be
to think before typing "would this hurt someone" then desist
this is an ideal world scenario but why not try
aiming for perfection will always make you better

Now before people go jumping up and down
I am making this plea to myself as a flawed human being
somewhat broken but willing to try (are you?)
I plead guilty to sometimes being short with others
I plead guilty to sometimes being over reactionary
I plead guilty to sometimes of unguarded retaliation
I plead guilty to sometimes typing without thinking
I plead guilty to sometimes making my dislike of people obvious
I plead guilty to sometimes deliberately flaming
I plead guilty to sometimes writing veiled poems
I plead guilty to sometimes hurting peoples feelings
I am guilty as charged
for the second time, I offer an unreserved apology
to anyone I have hurt or offended, that means anyone
I am sure there are a few
this is my confession
this is my plea
a plea for it all to stop
Written by David_Macleod (David Macleod)
Author's Note
for the good of the site, there should be a halt on hostilities, there is nothing positive to be gained by a continuation in public view. for me, from now on it is just block and report nothing more....
for the good of the site, there should be a halt on hostilities, there is nothing positive to be gained by a continuation in public view. for me, from now on it is just block and report nothing more. That's the advice I would give to anyone involved, in fact, it the advice I would give to everyone. I will now only positively work for the good of the site (DU) anything else is bullshit
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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